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Pre-LOST Panic: 3.5 hours left!

May 18th, 2010


I don’t mean to freak out here, but well, I’m gonna freak out a little. After a week full of tragedy and a week full of OMGWTFglowylight?, we’re quickly approaching the last three episodes of everybody’s favourite love-it-or-love-to-hate-it series. No matter which camp you’re in**, you’ll want to check our quick guide of things I’m hoping get resolved in tonight’s episode, but probably won’t be. So then you’ll be nice and prepared when crazy stuff happens in tonight’s episode, titled What They Died For. That’s a smack in the face, huh?

**Unless you’re still in camp Locke. Then I have nothing to say to you except: “Get out of here.”

All this and more, under the jump!

Things We’re on the Edge of Our Seats About:
* Where are Richard, Miles, and Ben? What are they planning?
* Who is really the bad guy here? Smokey or Jacob?
* How does Smokey manipulate stuff if he’s technically dead? I thought ghosts were supposed to be non-corporeal?
* What is the real purpose of the mirror in the lighthouse?
* Are Sun, Jin, and Sayid dead for good?
* What happened to Frank?
* What is Widmore’s secret plan?
* Where is Juliette?
* What’s going on with that young Jacob running around the jungle?
* How come
* Does Sideways Eloise Widmore know anything about the other timeline?
*Why do Hurley (and apparently Sawyer) share Smokey’s ability to see the dead?

Things We’re Really Hoping DON’T Happen
* Sayid actually killed Desmond and Jack needs to resurrect him. Unlikely, but with this show you never know!
* Everybody dies!
* The two timelines combine, and then there are two Jacks. Ugh.
*Ji Yeon is the Candidate.
*Aaron is the Candidate.
* Everyone comes back to life, and Sayid has to choose between Shannon and Nadia. (Note: Whatever happened there anyway? Sayid sure got over Shannon fast, but three years later, he’s still pinning for Nadia…)
* Everybody magically comes back to life at the glowy light cave, holds hands, and sing happy songs together in a circle. (Note: WORST plot device EVER! What’s the secret of the island? A giant glow stick!)

… Things That Will Probably Happen Anyway
* Claire freaks out on Kate! (Again!)
* Sawyer and Jack have a fist fight!
* Widmore tries to kill Desmond. Just because he can.
* Richard confronts the ghost of Jacob
* The ghosts of the dead help defeat Smokey, a la Harry Potter.

Things That Won’t Happen… But Would Be Fun If They Did…
* Sawyer and Jack have a fire fight!
* The two timelines combine, and then there are two Sawyers. Mmm…
* Charlie comes back and un-crazies Claire (with the power of love)
* Hurley is the Candidate! And he
* Kate represents the Island, and Sawyer and Jack represent Black and White. Whoever wins Kate’s heart gets the island! (Note: this is crazy talk)
* Walt comes back, kills everyone, and is the new Candidate.

What We Still Don’t Know
* Too long a list to count!

IN THE MEANWHILE: Check out Suvudu’s LOST bingo! You’ll need it for tonight’s episode!


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