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Pretty Little Liars Ep. 13: This Is A Dark Ride

October 24th, 2012

It’s Halloween in Rosewood and this year not all the residents will live to see the end of the night. But who will survive and who will be A’s latest victim on Pretty Little Liars? Find out under the jump!

Missed tonight’s Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode? Watch it again here!

Mona has a visitor in the hospital and the person is dressed as A. Since we learned on the last episode of PLL that Toby was working with Mona, who is this person? If it was Toby, wouldn’t we see his face? As suspected, there is a whole team of A’s. Mona hands the hooded figure bullets and drugs. So ya, someone is gonna die tonight.

The girls have decided to dress up as characters from movies and surprise one another, but their biggest surprise of the day is seeing that someone put a coffin for Alison DiLaurentis on their front lawn.

That’s disgusting.

Aria is excited to surprise Ezra with her costume that night, but he has his own surprise. He has an interview that night in Pittsburgh for a writing job and has to bail on the Halloween Train party. Or he’s helping A. I’m just saying!

Spencer gets her own surprise when she finds Garrett in her kitchen. He’s there to leave flowers for her mom to thank her for getting him out of jail and to talk to Spencer. He’s leaving town and wants to keep his word and tell Spencer what he knows about the night Alison was killed, but killer Toby shows up and scares him off.

Hanna and Caleb are still trying to keep their relationship a secret, but let’s get REAL loud and celebrate the fact that Caleb is okay after getting shot by Nate. He has a hole in his spleen, but he’s still able to make out with Hanna and look real good doing it, so my prognosis is that he’s okay.

It’s time for the Halloween party and everyone in Rosewood is ready to board the Spooky Express. And I mean everyone. It looks like Mona has once again broken out of the hospital. Is it just me or does this place have the worst security measures in place?

Ashley and Ted are entertaining trick or treaters when Ashley goes into the kitchen for more candy and finds a little girl standing next to the door.

She is lost and wants to call her mom, but when Ashley leaves her with the phone she disappears. Ashley finds her in Hanna’s room, with the little girl saying that she called her mom, who started to cry. She also talks about her sister, who fights with her all the time. Ashley touches the little girl’s hand to comfort her and finds that it’s icy cold. Oh lawd, we have ghost!

Ashley goes downstairs to get Ted, but when they walk back into Hanna’s room they find it empty. Annnnnd I’m sleeping with my lights on tonight.

Lucas has gone from being a photographer in 2012 to a photographer from the 1920s and seems to make Jason DiLaurentis the focus of his pictures.

Why are these two looking at each other like ‘that’?

Jenna and Noel are at the party together with Noel acting like a jerk and Jenna hiding all her secrets in her hair. Am I the only one that thinks it’s weird that a girl who was once blind is wearing an eye patch? Doesn’t she want to keep both eyes functioning at all times?

The girls, along with Paige and Toby, are excited to see that the surprise musical guest is Adam Lambert, who makes on hot Dracula.

Hanna is continually groped by some creepy dude in a mask, who thankfully turns out to be her hottie boyfriend Caleb.

Unfortunately for Aria, Ezra bailing on the party has left her alone for most of the night. Adam Lambert finds her sitting alone and strikes up a conversation with Aria, inviting her to come back to see the next set.

Distracted by the pop star, Aria doesn’t notice when a masked figure drops powder into her drink. It doesn’t take long for A’s plan to go into effect and Aria wakes up to find herself gagged and bound in a wooden box on the train. I’m never going to another Halloween party again.

Spencer is looking for Toby when Garrett finds her first. He’s wearing what is possibly the creepiest baby mask of all time and gets Spencer alone long enough to tell her what he needs to about the night Alison died.

When Melissa showed up in Alison’s room, Garrett and Jenna left her to talk to Ian. In the DiLaurentis backyard they ran into Alison, who proceeded to push Jenna while she was still blind. Lovely.

Jenna screamed at Garrett to teach Alison a lesson and he picked up a field hockey stick, hitting the tree behind Alison and making Jenna think that he killed the other girl.

When Garrett went back later that night he saw Alison standing next to the part of her backyard that had been dug up. She was talking to Aria’s dad Byron about lying, which I’m assuming pertained to his affair. Garrett took off before Alison and Byron saw them.

Refusing to believe that Byron had anything to do with Alison’s death, Spencer tells Garrett to wait on the train for her to find Aria so that he can retell his story. But Spencer makes it about five feet before the masked woman who drugged Aria attacks her, strangling Spencer and punching her.

Thankfully, Paige is able to rescue Spencer and fight the woman off, pulling her mask down to reveal a second mask that looks like it was modelled after Alison. Creeeeepy!

The girls regroup and make a plan to find Aria, with Paige looking for Caleb and Toby. Hanna thinks she’s found Caleb, but instead it’s someone who has copied his costume. It looks like A knew the whole time that they were secretly together. Meanwhile, Aria has managed to get the duct tape off her mouth and is trying to use a nail on the box to free the tape on her hands when she hears a man and a woman’s voice talking about pushing the box off the train.

Aria feels herself getting closer to the door and manages to stab someone though the box, slowing them down. Just before her box is shaken off the speeding train, the girls find Aria and pull her back to safety.

But opening the box not only reveals a terrified Aria, but a DEAD GARRETT NEXT TO HER!

The usual suspects are rounded up on the same train car for questioning when Ezra shows up.

Hm. He had driven to the end of the line to meet Aria and when he heard that someone was hurt he drove beside the tracks until he got to the train. Hm. Hm. Hm. Did Ezra kill Garrett?

Noel begins attacking the girls and tells them to confess to killing Garrett, forcing Toby to step in.

The two boys begin pushing one another and Noel crashes into the drink cart, knocking it over to reveal a body bag that had been kept in the ice! ZOMG! Is that Alison?!

By the way, the Alison-mask belongs to Mona.


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