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Pretty Little Liars Ep. 14: She’s Better Now

January 8th, 2013

Mona is free, Toby is bad, Ezra’s a dad and Emily is under house arrest and that’s all before the opening credits! The second half of Season 3 of Pretty Little Liars has commenced and there is no time to waste when so many ‘ermahgherd that was terrifying’ moments await. Find out what happened on tonight’s brand new episode of Pretty Little Liars after the jump!

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Rosewood is a scary place during the day, which makes it downright terrifying at night. Someone in a black hoody is skateboarding through town and I assume it’s Toby.

That is, until the skateboarder is almost run over by the SUV, who we see is being driven by Toby. AH! Who is he trying to hit?

Speaking of scary things in the dark, Mona’s doctors have released her from the hospital and to prove that she’s totally sane, she breaks into Hanna’s bedroom in the middle of the night to say hello. Mona’s parents are forcing her to return to Rosewood High and she’s terrified of being bullied, so she begs Hanna for help.

To sweeten the deal, Mona sends Hanna a basket of muffins the next morning. They’re intercepted by Hanna’s grandmother, who’s appeared out of nowhere. And where is Ashley?

Emily’s family is having alarms placed on every window in the house in an attempt to keep her safe. They’re also joining Garrett’s mother, Hilary Reynolds, when she meets with the police force to find out why no one was protecting her son after he was wrongfully accused of murder. Emily wants to go back to being normal and take part in the school’s Varsity Charity Run with her friends, but her dad refuses to let her go out at night. Can’t say that I blame him.

The girls meet at school that morning and things get off to an awkward start when the subject of Aria’s dad Byron being a suspect in Alison’s murder comes up.

Aria storms off and is greeted on the stairs by a very calm Mona. Like, eerie calm.

Aria’s day goes from awful to terrible when she and the girls get to their first class and see that Meredith, the woman who had an affair with Byron, is now their teacher. Meredith forces Aria to hand over her cell phone in class when she sees the her texting and makes Aria stay after class to call a truce. Let’s get right to it – what did she do to Aria’s phone? This will definitely be a clue for later.

If Aria thought her day was going poorly, it’s nothing compared to Mona’s, who opens her locker and finds a brain with a knife through it and a note that says ‘Takes one mad cow to know another.’ Instead of hiding the evidence, she walks the brain and the knife down the hall and throws it out, holding onto the knife a liiiittle too long.

On her way back to her locker, Mona whispers something to LUCAS. Hanna asks Lucas what Mona said to him, but he’s silent and limps away. Limps. Like someone that was stabbed with a screwdriver through a wooden box by Aria on Halloween. I’m just saying!

Hanna finds Caleb (yay Caleb! The only guy in Rosewood I still trust) and asks him to speak with Lucas about his limp. When Caleb gets the silent treatment from Lucas, he hacks into the school’s network and finds the transcripts from Mona’s meeting with her parents and the principal. Hoping to keep Hanna safe and away from Mona, Caleb shows the girls what he found and points out that Mona begged to come back to school, proving that she was lying about being forced to return by her parents.

In the hallway later, Emily sees Mona talking to the janitor, who was the owner of the Lost Woods Resort, where Mona had her ‘A’ headquarters. That seems like an awfully big coincidence. Emily finds Hanna and the two search for the janitor in his office and see that he has a bag full of Mona’s stuff. In all fairness, he would have been the one to clean out Mona’s locker when she left school. But I’m sure it’s much deeper than that.

That Mona is everywhere today! Spencer and Toby (ah! Toby!) are eating lunch and Spencer asks Toby whether he thinks Jenna switches schools because she’s worried she’s going to be killed. So, Jenna switched schools?

But she’s distracted from the Jenna-topic when she sees Mona and Jason hugging. Some guys dig the damaged act.

After school, Ezra gives Aria a pep talk for the charity run, but she’s jumpy around him. Maybe she also thinks it’s weird that he showed on up a train he wasn’t on only moments after Garrett was killed and Alison’s body discovered. Aria leaves to meet Hanna after getting her text about the janitor, but before she gets out of Ezra’s hallway she finds a giant baby basket for Ezra with a note from A.

Spencer and Toby are out for a run when Spencer sees Jason and approaches him with a warning to stay away from Mona. At least I think that’s what she was talking about. Toby was shirtless and it made it difficult to hear.

The two hit the hot tub after their run and Toby tries to get Spencer to relax, but she’s becoming increasingly paranoid and thinks she’s hearing noises. Well, she should be paranoid, but she’s got he wrong suspect.

The next day, Hanna shows her grandmother a video that Mona posted online, pleading her case for people to like her. Hanna’s grandmother thinks that anyone trying that hard is hiding something. Grandma’s are wise, y’all.

Lucas shows up and returns money to Hanna that he still owed Caleb. Hanna asks about his limp and Lucas explains that hurt it while skateboarding. SKATEBOARDING! Hanna wants to know why Mona was talking to Lucas in the hallway at school, but Lucas can only tell Hanna that Mona had been sneaking out of Radley.

It’s time for the run. Aria and Caleb are helping to set up, but take a break to feel disgusted by all the positive attention that Mona is receiving after her video went viral. Emily is stuck at home under house arrest, but manages to sneak out and meet the girls when they take a short cut during the run and break into the janitor’s office.

Inside, they find a diary the janitor thought was Mona’s. It wasn’t. It was Alison’s. This is getting good. The girl’s find a diary entry from Alison about the day she met with Byron to blackmail him for more money in order to keep his secret about the affair. He already gave her money and couldn’t afford to give her more, but she demanded cash and gave him until Labour Day weekend to come up with it, the same weekend she lied about visiting her Nana.

Aria rips the page out of the diary and the girls run out of the office just as the janitor finds them. He grabs the diary pages from Aria, but Toby distracts them and she grabs the pages back.

The girls and Toby get to the front of the school just in time to see a giant explosion!

Hurt in the fire, Byron picked Meredith up from the ER after she was treated for her burns. He invited Meredith to stay with them, but she refused, thinking that a note she received that sent her to the explosion site seconds before it happened came from Aria and her friends. Aria denies the allegations, silently thinking that Mona was behind the ‘accident’.

Now a shirtless Jason! What a great episode! Spencer checks on her half-brother to make sure that he wasn’t hurt in the fire and feels better once Jason agrees with Spencer that Mona is bad news. Spencer walks away just as Mona is walking out of Jason’s house with a bandage to help treat his burns. So. Wait. What? Did Jason start the fire? Did Jason and Mona set the fire? Mona is trying to get on the girl’s good side and may think that hurting Meredith is the key to getting the girls to like her, but what’s in it for Jason? Je suis confused.

It’s A time! A figure in black hoody loosens the wheel on this guys bike, causing him to crash. Who is he? And why did A flinch when they heard the crash? Normally A takes pleasure from pain. Could this be a new member to the A team?


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