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Pretty Little Liars Ep. 15: Mona Mania

January 15th, 2013

Hanna confronts Mona, Spencer loses her position to her enemy, Emily tries to comfort Paige and Aria begins to suspect that her father was involved in Alison’s disappearance. Find out what happened on tonight’s brand new episode of Pretty Little Liars after the jump!

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After accusing Aria of setting the fire and hurting Meredith last week, Byron is now apologizing after learning that the police have a different suspect. People in glass houses, Byron. Aria doesn’t accept her father’s apology and is beginning to suspect that maybe he has more involvement in Ali’s disappearance then he lets on.

It turns out that the suspect is Harold, the hotel clerk turned Janitor, and it was Mona who pointed the finger. She tells the girls that she’s scared of Harold and hopes he’ll be caught by the police, but her act thankfully doesn’t get a pass from the girls.

Emily, Hanna and Spencer go back to Harold’s janitorial office to look for clues, but first they need to find the light switch. Actually, Emily needs to find it. I’m just gonna say it – why did it take Emily so long to find the switch? Should we be suspecting her as well? Ugh, this is too much. In the dark, Spencer hears someone moving and a hooded figure runs past all the girls. Hanna spots A’s shoes and recognizes them, but says and does nothing.

The girls fill Aria in on their adventure the next day and we finally learn who the unfortunate biker was that landed on the wrong end of A’s wrath last week. He was Spencer’s only opponent in the race for captain of the Academic Decathlon Team and now the job is hers! Oh wait, Mona is here. And she’s running for president. Quiz off! Apparently that’s a real thing and not just something that happens in Billy Madison.

With more red flags being raised about her father, Aria does some digging with her mom and asks Ella what she remembers about the night Alison disappeared. Unfortunately, she doesn’t remember much. Byron and Ella were celebrating a night without any kids and she had too much to drink and passed out early. A heavy sleeper, Aria worries that her mother wouldn’t have been woken by her father slipping out to meet Alison.

Aria wants to review the pages of Alison’s journal about meeting with Bryon to demand more money, but when Aria, Emily and Hanna look for the pages in Aria’s room, they’re missing from the boot Aria used to hide them. Byron sticks his head in Aria’s room and jokes about her using her snow boots as her hiding spot from Mike when she was younger. He. Knows.

Later, Aria finds her father and Meredith arguing in the hallway and hears Meredith say something about Byron snooping in Aria’s room. She sees her father violently grab Meredith, who manages to break away from Byron’s grasp. Aria follows Meredith to the coffee shop and the two talk things over. Meredith tells Aria that she knew Ali was blackmailing Byron. He came to her apartment the night Alison disappeared and she begged him to not meet the teenager, but Byron went anyway. The next day, Alison was missing and Meredith has been in fear ever since that it Byron was behind her disappearance.

Meredith takes Aria home and offers to stay with Aria, who feels like she has the flu, while Byron is away on a conference. I trust Meredith, but I also don’t trust Meredith at all. Does that make sense?

After recognizing the shoes A was wearing when he ran out of Harold’s office, Hanna confronts Lucas and his sneakers. Hanna promises to not tell anyone about Lucas’ involvement, but she wants answers. With Mona back, no one is safe and Lucas will do anything to stop her, including starting the fire at school. Yikes. Lucas runs off before Hanna can grill him further, but she goes to his house that night and tries to talk to him again.

FYI, Lucas’ room looks exactly the way you would think Lucas’ room would look.

Lucas admits that Mona began blackmailing him after he received an anonymous text at the Masquerade Ball telling him to distract Jenna. Mona knows that Lucas sells test answers to kids at school and used that information to make Lucas deliver letters between Mona and Jason. Hoping Mona won’t be able to hurt him if she can’t see him, Lucas has decided to drop out of Rosewood High and start home school.

Paige may be the next student to show up to her own prom in her living room. She’s been scared of going out at night ever since Garrett’s death and her parents have her on lock down. Still, Emily convinces Paige to venture out that night to a party the swim team is throwing in the woods. That doesn’t sound scary at all.

Half way to the party, Paige develops a panic attack. Paige and Emily get out of the car and go for a walk to get some air, but when they get back they find that Paige’s tires have been slashed.

Emily sees a person standing in the woods in a black hood and chasing him down, but doesn’t catch him.

The camera does and we see that it’s Toby. Oh, Toby.

It’s time for the Quiz Off and the girls are neck in neck, but when Mona begins to show weakness, Spencer gets cocky and loses the competition.

Upset that she’s been ousted by Mona, Spencer calls Hanna to pick her up at Mona’s victory party. After talking to Lucas and seeing her best friend lose a position that was so important to her, Hanna takes off the gloves and blasts Mona. She tells her former friend that she knows Mona is lying and is still evil. In other words, she just poked a sleeping bear.

Byron is at his office gathering papers before leaving for his conference when we see Mona follow him into the hall in her hoody and call someone, alerting them to Byron’s location. Since everyone already thinks he’s going to be away for a few days no one will notice if he doesn’t come home safe. Will Byron be Mona’s next casualty?

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