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Pretty Little Liars Ep. 16: Misery Loves Company

January 22nd, 2013

Hanna is on A’s hit list, Emily goes undercover, Aria is in danger in her own home, and Spencer faces the ultimate betrayal. Find out what happened on tonight’s shocking episode of Pretty Little Liars!

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The girls are keeping Aria company while she’s relegated to the couch with the flu. Her dad is still away on his conference and Aria hasn’t heard from him, but she’s more concerned with what to say to him when she does finally speak to Byron. Oh, and she’s staying home alone. Totally not terrifying. And Meredith is still force feeding her the weird tea. She’s totally poisoning Aria.

Toby and Mona are having an A Team meeting, which includes black hoodies, loud rock and roll music and a creeptastic wall paper job consisting of pictures of the four girls. Toby tells Mona that Spencer is still lying to him about A not being back in their lives. You know, because she LOVES him and is PROTECTING him. Sorry about the shouting. Toby is worried they’re rushing ‘this’, but Mona reminds him that this is what ‘she’ wants. What are they rushing? Who is she? This is so scurry!

Emily and Toby are back to being besties and Emily is hanging out at Toby’s apartment while he runs to Spencer’s place. Pleaseeeeee snoop around. Please!!! Find a hoody!

Toby leaves his keys with Emily, who was really sent to Toby’s place to get the keys for Spencer, who is planning on throwing Toby a surprise anniversary dinner, complete with her mom’s famous LASAGNE. She’s even got her mom in on the surprise, who gives a great performance in front of Toby, reminding Spencer that she has to attend a dinner that night with the family to honour Mr. Hastings at work.

Hanna is freaking out over an interview she has for an internship with the biggest designer in Philadelphia. She’s trying to get Caleb’s advice on what to wear to the interview, but when she leaves the room to get changed, Hanna overhears Caleb on the phone with someone telling them “he’s in” and “won’t let them do anything else to Hanna” and that he’ll meet them this afternoon. Lucas? Hanna asks Caleb who he was talking to and he won’t tell her, even when she begs him to not get involved with A. He’s so dreamy.

At school, Emily has a surprise of her own for Paige and has packed a lunch of Paige’s favourite foods, which strangely don’t consist of pizza and ice cream. She’s in high school. Eat pizza! Your metabolism will never be better! Paige is taking Emily’s advice and meeting with someone later that day to discuss the fear she’s constantly been in since the Lighthouse. Their lunch is interrupted by Hanna, who begs Emily to follow Caleb that afternoon while she’s at her interview.

Emily agrees and follows Caleb to a coffee shop, but doesn’t see who he’s sipping java with. Thankfully we do and it’s Paige! Well, Caleb isn’t a therapist, but he makes me less scared and I’d pay him by the hour to hang out with me. Caleb and Paige are scared for their girlfriends and are ready to take Mona down. Hopefully they don’t stop at Mona. And hopefully they don’t get in troubs.

Hanna heads to her interview, but when she gets there she finds that the showroom is empty, except for a lot of scary mannequins. Okay, they’re not really ‘scary’ mannequins, but they’re lined up like an army and it’s freaking me out. Dressed as A, Toby shows up and begins chasing Hanna through the showroom, knocking her down and dropping a key next to her with an ‘A’ on the tag. Earlier, Spencer pointed out a hole in Toby’s pocket. Did he drop the key on purpose? It says ‘A’ on it, which makes me think it was on purpose, but then why would the writers show us that he had a hole in his pocket?

Terrified, Hanna shows Emily and Spencer the key the girls try to come up with a plan. Spencer has to sneak into Toby’s apartment and get her LASAGNE ready for dinner, so Emily and Hanna decide to check in on Aria, who they haven’t heard from all day. On their way to Aria’s house they see Meredith at the Pharmacist trying to refill her prescription of sleeping pills. Hello! Ladies! Let’s move a little faster to make sure Aria is still breathing!

Aria has a dream that Alison is in her room, stealing her doll back. She tells Aria to stop drinking the tea and make sure that Meredith doesn’t find the pages. Aria wakes up and tries to open her bedroom door, but finds she’s been locked inside her own bedroom. Quick question, where the heck is Ezra? Why isn’t he checking on Aria? Oh right, because I’m pretty sure he’s on the A Team.

Unable to open the lock, Aria breaks her mirror and hangs onto a piece of it, ready to attack whoever locked her up. Unfortunately, Aria falls asleep and wakes up to find Meredith standing over her and holding the piece of glass. Meredith moves to attack Aria, but she manages to escape and get downstairs. Her getaway doesn’t last for long and Meredith knocks Aria out, dragging her into the basement.

Hanna and Emily find the Montgomery’s spare key in their plant on the porch and break into the house, finding Meredith in Aria’s room, but no Aria. Meredith tells the girls that they should check the basement and they do, letting Meredith lock them down there with Aria. Seriously, these girls need to trust their instincts more. Meredith was giving off a serious Single White Female vibe. They find Aria unconscious, but thankfully she wakes up quickly.

Meredith has completely lost her mind and gone crazy looking for the pages from Alison’s notebook. Byron comes home a day early from his conference and finds a derranged Meredith in his living room, starring at the wall. She tells him that the girls know he went to see Alison the night she died. So wait, Mona didn’t do anything to Byron when she followed him out of his office?

Byron finds his daughter and her friends in the basement, terrified of him and armed with golf clubs. Realizing they think he’s a killer (duh), he tells them what happened the night he met Alison.

The night Alison went missing, Byron told Alison he wouldn’t give her money and would tell Ella himself about his affair, leaving the yard when Melissa walked outside on her cell phone. When Alison went missing the next day he knew how it would look to the police and Ella if he said anything, so he kept quiet. Byron offers to go to the police that night and tell them what he knows, but Aria decides that she trusts her father and throws Alison’s diary pages into the fire. Oh, and Meredith has skipped town. She’ll be back. The crazy ones always come back.

Toby stops by Spencer’s house to give her flowers for their anniversary, but while he’s there he spots the key he left for Hanna. Or dropped next to Hanna. I’m not sure still. Spencer dismissed the key, still lying to Toby that A is back, and throws the key in a drawer in her kitchen.

Toby heads to work and Spencer pretends to get ready for her dad’s dinner, instead going to Toby’s apartment to get his surprise ready. But it’s Spencer who’s in for the surprise.

Later that night, Toby breaks into the Hastings house to steal back the key, but Spencer is waiting for him.

While in his apartment she found his fake Employee ID for Radley. She knows he was the one helping Mona sneak out. She knows he’s been lying to her. She knows he’s on the A Team. DEVASTATING. Spencer slaps Toby, who deserves way worse, and shows him the ID she found. Crying, Spencer asks Toby why he did this to her. Mrs. Hastings walks in and Toby runs out, leaving Spencer weeping in her mother’s arms. DEVASTATING TO THE MAX.

Spencer goes back to Toby’s apartment and bangs on the door, begging him to give her a reason to believe he’s not really on the A Team. But Toby never answers. DEVASTATING X A MILLION.

So, now what? Will Spencer tell the girls about Toby? Is Toby going to skip town again? Will Mona cut ties with Toby now that Spencer knows they’ve been working together? And is the key important? We’ve seen A steal back items she’s left for the girls just to show them that no where is safe, including their homes, so it’s difficult to tell whether the key is important. Oh Toby, how could you?!


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