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Pretty Little Liars Ep. 17: Out of The Frying Pan, Into The Inferno

January 29th, 2013

Spencer tries to deal with the aftermath of Toby, Aria’s secret gets spilled, Hanna’s detective work gets her in trouble with the police and Emily gets a gift from beyond the grave. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars after the jump!

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Spencer is having nightmares that start out really, really good with a shirtless Toby and quickly turn into Toby dressed as A and trying to kill Spencer. We’ll categorize these as nightmares even though they have a positive intro.

Byron learns that Meredith has a long history of issues and her father believes she stopped taking her medication. Byron promises to not let Meredith anywhere near his family, but Aria still looks worried. Me too, Aria, me too.

The girls are debating whether or not to tell Spencer about Melissa’s phone call that Byron witnessed the night Alison went missing. Emily and Aria’s phone call is interrupted when Emily’s mom brings in a package from Nate’s real family. It’s a box full of birthday cards that Emily made for Alison. Maya must have found them in Alison’s old house. But how did Nate get a hold of them? His creepiness carries on into his afterlife. Not too surprising.

One of the items in the box is a book of biology notes that Emily lent to Alison. Emily sees that Alison used the book to have a conversation with someone about the ‘beach hottie’ and worrying that ‘he’ll freak out’. Emily shows Hanna and Aria and they think Alison is talking about Toby, but can’t figure out why. Me! Me! I know!

At school that day, Hanna overhears Paige talking to Caleb on her cell about the brain he left in Mona’s locker. Ah. It was Caleb. Meh, still hot. Hanna quickly realizes that he’s been working with Paige to get rid of Mona and hears Paige tell Caleb to meet her later.

Spencer tries to put on a brave face in front of Hanna and Aria and still hasn’t worked up the courage to tell them Toby’s real identity. Hanna brings up Ezra’s secret child and Aria promises to tell Fitz the truth today. Emily finds Spencer later at school and shows her the notes in the bathroom. Is it just me or does no one ever, ever come in that bathroom when the girls are in there? The bathroom in my high school was packed! Emily points out a passage Alison wrote, that says Alison visited Toby after he was shipped off to juvenile hall. Time for the most unattractive, unnecessary flashback in PLL history. What. Is. That. Doo. Rag. ERMAGHERD.

Alison showed Toby notes from A and told him to stop contacting her, thinking he was A. Toby swore it wasn’t him, but said he wished he knew who was going again Alison so that he could join them. Spencer finally breaks down and tells Emily that she and Toby broke up last night, but isn’t really to tell her friends the reason behind their break up.

Spencer is in class when she gets a text from Aria saying that Ezra freaked out when Aria told him about his son and broke up with her. She storms out of class and Ella tries to stop her, but Spencer has become unhinged and screams at Ella.

Spencer takes off on her bike like the wicked witch and finds Ezra in the park and goes off on him next, screaming at him for breaking up with Aria because Maggie hid his son for seven years. And then his face did this.

Guess they didn’t actually have that talk. Damn you, A.

Ezra heads straight to Rosewood High and finds Aria having lunch with Emily and Hanna, who are about to see a crazy lunchtime performance.

Ezra demands to know what happened and Aria admits that she’s known Ezra had a son, but promised to keep it a secret for Maggie. As Ezra walks away, Aria receives a text from A confirming they sent the text to Spencer. I think she already knew that.

Emily’s mom Pam is working at the Rosewood Police Station and mentions to one of the officers that Emily received a package from Nate’s family. Detective Walden (blast from the past!) overhears her and suggests that all packages from Nate’s family come through the police station first. Pam looks like she doesn’t trust Walden…but dang, he is goooood looking.

Emily is looking through the biology book again and sees a picture of Alison and Cece in Cape May and tries talking to Cece for information.

Emily meets with Cece and shows her the picture and the biology book, but Cece is no help. Or a giant liar.

She says she doesn’t know who the beach hottie is, but Cece does tell Emily about the night Alison found her at a restaurant in tears, saying that her period was late. Alison said that she hadn’t told the guy and couldn’t because he would kill her. Man, that could be anyone in Rosewood. Maybe Alison was blackmailing Byron because she needed money for an abortion. Maybe the missing page from Alison’s autopsy said she was pregnant when she died! HAZZAH!

Emily decides that it’s time to take the information to the police, but when she gets to the station it’s Detective Walden who snags the book. Eeks. And that’s when Hanna shows up after being arrested. Roh row.
Hanna followed Paige to a lesbian bar, thinking that’s where she was meeting Caleb. He doesn’t show, but the girl from the Halloween store does and she spends all night flirting with Paige, who doesn’t seem to mind the attention. Hanna even gets some action herself when a woman sends her a PINK cocktail. Hanna dances with the woman to avoid Paige seeing her, but when the woman’s girlfriend throws a drink on Hanna, all hell breaks loose and the bouncer calls the cops on Hanna. Whoops.

At the station, Emily and Hanna, who seems to be able to walk around freely for someone who was just arrested, spot a picture of Detective Walden at Cape May. Hm. He bad. He real bad.

Spencer, still a complete mess, calls someone to meet her that night. When she gets to the diner we see it’s, well, I don’t know who that is. He seems to be a private investigator. How does Spencer know where to find these people? Seriously? She gives him the key with the A on it and a picture of Toby and asks the man to follow Toby to find out what the key opens.

Aria goes to Ezra’s apartment to check on him and finds him leaving with luggage. He talked to Maggie and understands why Aria kept the secret, but before he leaves to go meet his son for the first time, he swallows tears and kisses Aria goodbye. OMG. Ezria are totes probably maybe done. This is getting real sad, y’all.


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