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Pretty Little Liars Ep. 18: Dead To Me

February 5th, 2013

Emily’s therapy session unlocks buried memories, Aria finds a new Fitz to hang out with, Hanna gets a picture of Caleb’s past and Spencer unlocks the secret to her relationship with Toby. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars after the jump!

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Spencer has yet to tell the girls about Toby’s involvement in the A team, which makes them even more confused when Jason invites the girls to Alison’s memorial and Spencer freaks out on everyone. Alison’s body has been returned to the DiLaurentis family and they want to have a second memorial, this time putting her remains into a mausoleum in an attempt to keep her safe. Unfortunately, all the mementos the girls placed in Alison’s grave are still missing.

At school, Caleb’s mother calls and tells him that the aunt who raised him before sending him to foster care is moving to Australia. Her house needs to be cleaned out and Caleb is reluctant to go and see the people that made him fend for himself, but Hanna convinces him to make peace with his former home before it’s torn down. Why isn’t his aunt cleaning out her own house?

When they get to the house, Caleb’s Uncle Jamie is there. He took Caleb to a few baseball games when he was younger, but Caleb insists to Hanna that this gesture of kindess was really guilt over Jamie’s brother, Calebs father, leaving him.

Ready to head home, Jamie pulls Hanna aside and gives her a picture of a man holding Caleb when he was a baby. The man isn’t visible, but on his hand is the same ring Jamie is wearing.

Hanna notices this and points it out to Caleb later, but Caleb is adamant that he didn’t meet his Uncle Jamie until he was 5. Is Jamie actually Caleb’s father? Also, weird side-story.

Aria is hanging out in Ezra’s apartment, probably smelling everything, when Ezra’s brother Wesley shows up. His dorm room is being fumigated and Ezra said he could crash there. I. Don’t. Think. So. Whatchoo talking bout, Wesley? When Aria looks disappointed that she no longer has the excuse of ‘checking’ on Ezra’s apartment to spend time there, so Wesley tells her that he’s bad at remembering to water plants and asks her to drop by the next day and do so.

Happy to have an excuse to spend time among Ezra’s things while he’s avoiding her, Aria visits Wesley the next day and he suggests they go out for pizza. On their way back to Ezra’s, Wesley is attacked by a man and quickly hits in the face with their pizza leftovers before grabbing Aria and running for safety. What a waste of cheese.

Back in Ezra’s apartment, Wesley admits that the he’s hiding out (I knew it) from his mother. Like Ezra, he’s trying to get away from their family. Every time he tries to get kicked out of school, his mother convinces the board members of the private school to let Wesley stay. The man who attacked Wesley is married to the school’s physics teacher, who Wesley flirted with. Yikes.

Spencer meets with her private investigator again and learns that he has found the door the ‘A’ key opens, but he won’t give Spencer the information until she gives him more money, but Spencer isn’t sure that she’s ready to see what’s on the other side of the door.

On her way home from school, Emily stops by the police station and makes up an excuse to see her mom in hopes of taking the picture of Detective Wilden at Cape May, but the picture is gone. Kinda saw that one coming.

While talking with her mom, Emily notices a postcard in her Pam’s purse with a picture of PARIS on the front. Emily grabs it, pretending it’s hers and runs to Spencer’s house to show her what she found. The PARIS postcard was put into Alison’s grave by Emily, along with 23 other postcards.

There is a message on the back from A, telling Emily that the police know it was her who killed Alison. Well, that’s not good. Seeing that Spencer is still distraught over Toby, Emily tries to offer her friend some support. Hanna told Emily about seeing Paige in the bar with the girl from the costume store, but instead of cheating on Emily, Paige was trying to find out who rented the Queen of Hearts costume on Halloween. Emily is hoping that Spencer will see that sometimes things that look bad aren’t as they seem, but let’s also remember that Emily didn’t catch Paige in full A-gear.

Emily decides that it’s time for her to get professional help to handle her grief over killing Nate and schedules an appointment with Dr. Sullivan. Refusing to see herself as a hero and not a murderer, Dr. Sullivan suggests that Emily undergo hypnotherapy in order to reframe her memory of the night at the lighthouse.

But once she’s put into the hypnotic state, Emily remembers standing with a shovel over top of Alison the night she died. Um, did Emily kill Alison? Cuz that’s gonna be an issue.

Emily wakes up and thankfully was vague in her ramblings, making Dr. Sullivan assume that Emily was talking about killing Nate, not Alison. Yikes.

Later than night, Mona stops by Dr. Sullivan’s office to give her a gift for her new office. Dr. Sullivan becomes visibly uneasy around Mona, who ‘can’t thank Dr. Sullivan enough for what she did’ for Mona. So, Mona forced Dr. Sullivan to get her out of Radley?

Spencer meets the investigator, who is oddly philosophical and seems to want to be besties with Spencer. He asks his client what she thinks she’ll find, and Spencer tells him that she and Toby had a secret. If she opens the door and sees that the secret is kept, she’ll know that Toby still loves her. Everybody stop. What the what is this secret?!? Spencer gets to the building and opens the apartment to find an empty room, quickly bursting into tears. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? ARE THESE HAPPY OR SAD TEARS? WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

Upset (she’s definitely upset), Spencer bursts into the memorial for Alison and charges at Jason, telling him that Alison was not only pregnant when she died, but Detective Wilden was the father. WOW. I figured that, but how did Spencer know?

Jason takes off, probably to introduce his fist to Wilden’s face, while the other girls scream at Spencer for being so cruel. They leave her alone in the mausoleum, where Spencer sees Toby’s mother’s marker. She walks over and scratches Toby’s name into the monument with his key. I am so confused right now.

Outside the graveyard, Emily hears sprinklers and they trigger something in her brain. Her memory from Dr. Sullivan’s office was mixed up. It was Emily begging someone in Alison’s grave to stop from opening the coffin the night she was drugged and brought to the cemetery by Jenna and Noel.

Emily can’t remember who was in the black hood, but she remembers seeing a second person there, a blond woman in a red jacket. Emily doesn’t remember know who the woman is, but she does know that the woman is in charge. The woman in the red coat is A.


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