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Pretty Little Liars Ep. 19: Truth Up

February 6th, 2012

Spencer learns a shocking family secret, Hanna’s fate over the picture of Kate is decided and Aria is attacked! Find out what happened on tonight’s brand new episode of Pretty Little Liars after the jump!

When Spencer took Ali’s claim ticket to the storage company we had no idea what she would find. A red trench coat was definitely not on the list of items I had in my head. Tres cute, though! Aria finds a phone number in the jacket pocket and Emily tries calling, but gets an automated voice mail. She leaves a message saying that she is a friend of Vivian Darkbloom’s and asks the person to call her back.

It’s a dose of the double Mrs. Marin’s in Principal T’s office today. Isabelle is doing everything she can to get her new step-daughter suspended or even charged over the naked photo of Kate. Ashley is doing her best to defend Hanna and herself throughout Isabelle’s rant, but finally Mr. T steps in and tells the four women that the school board will decide on Hanna’s punishment. Until then, he wants Hanna and Kate to work together during Truth Up night and Ashley volunteers to supervise.

Everyone at school is whispering about Hanna and she’s worried about what punishment Mr. T will dole out. Emily thinks Hanna should be prepared, since he’s the same person who won’t let her back on the swim team because of her alleged involvement in Ali’s murder case.

Aria helps Holden set up for the Truth Up night, but their friendship is quickly fading as Aria continues to probe Holden on his whereabouts during their dates and the source of his giant bruise. Holden continues to keep silent on the subject, but when his bag tips over and a collection of pills falls out, Aria can’t keep pretending like everything is fine. Holden shoves the pills back in his bag and asks Aria to not saying anything to her mom. When Aria first saw his bruise, Holden begged her to not mention it to her father. What is up with Holden and not wanting the Montgomery’s to know anything? Why doesn’t he just say don’t tell anyone as opposed to don’t tell your parents?

Later that day, Aria gets a text from A threatening to tell the truth about her new friend. I guess A knows where Holden goes on their dates. Shocker. Not.

In the quad, Spencer gets an unpleasant surprise when she runs into Jason. Jason says that he’s been out of town helping to clean up his grandmother’s house in Georgia. He asks Spencer to pass a message along to her father that he can’t avoid Jason anymore. Um, creepy much? Ella walks up and invites Jason to supervise Truth Up night. While I’m happy to get to see more of his purdy face, I’m sure Spencer isn’t too thrilled.

It’s Truth Up night and Caleb and Aria are assigned to the same group. Safety in numbers, y’all. Oh, and Jenna is in their group. We’re gonna need more numbers. Spencer’s mom, Mrs. Hastings, is supervising their group, along with Jason. Seriously, where my non-scary people at?

Everyone has to write down a secret, but Jenna refuses and says she doesn’t trust anyone at the school. Jenna talks about the day that Hanna smacked her. Caleb sticks up for Hanna and says that Jenna threw the first punch. OMG, is it possible to love Caleb more? I think not.

Emily and Mona are in a group being supervised by Hanna’s mom, Ashley. They’re doing an exercise that requires students to take a step every time they agree with a statement Ashley makes. Emily pretty much sprints across the room when Ashley asks who has felt unsafe at school. Emily starts to make a speech about how she used to be happy at school, but now feels like everyone is out to get her.

The principal, Mr. T, is standing nearby and calls Emily over. He tells her that she’s not a saint and that it’s her fault she feels unsafe at school. Let’s go ahead and add him to the ‘Do Not Like’ list for Pretty Little Liars.

After her confrontation with Mr. T, Emily pulls Mona aside and apologizes to her for never standing up to Alison when she was mean to Mona. Mona says that it wasn’t a big deal, but the look in her eyes makes me think differently. Still, Mona is touched by Emily’s apology and offers to help Emily with Mr. T.

After working in the principal’s office during freshman year, Mona learned that Mr. T. plays favourites with all the male sports teams. The two girls break into his office and crack his computer code. Mona finds information that proves Mr. T. took bribes from students to get back onto their teams after getting into trouble at school. Emily is too scared to blackmail a school official, but later she sees Mona talking to Mr. T. Mona does her magic and gets Emily back on the swim team! But come on, this is Rosewood. Nothing comes that easy.

Aria and Emily call the number again and this time they get a woman on the other end. She says that no one there knows anyone named Vivian and to never call there again. Seems like a big of a harsh reaction to a wrong number. Time to 411 these digits!

Ashley, Ella and Mrs. Hastings take a time out from supervising Truth Up night in the quad during the dinner break. The three women are trying to figure out what’s going on with their daughters, Aria, Hanna and Spencer. At first they think all the trouble started when Alison died, but Mrs. Hastings points out that the real issues started when the girls met Alison. No kidding! That girl was meeeeean!

Hanna finds her friends eating in the hallway. She sees Kate across the corridor and when Kate lifts up her sweater, Hanna notices a birthmark on Kate’s stomach that isn’t in the naked picture. It’s not Kate in the photo!!!!

Hanna confronts Kate in the bathroom and Kate admits that she photo shopped her head onto a naked photo to frame Hanna before Spencer could send out the pictures of Kate from horse back riding camp. Kate smugly tells Hanna that it was easy to blackmail her, but unfortunately for Kate, it’s going to be pretty difficult to deny her omission that Aria and Emily recorded behind the stall doors. Finally, something good happens in the school bathroom for Hanna. That sounded weird.

Meanwhile, Spencer is on Jason’s trail. She finds him in a classroom with her mom and hears them arguing about Spencer’s dad. Spencer has a flashback to her and Ali in Spencer’s room. The Hastings are fighting because Jason gave Melissa a ride home and got caught making out. Ali says Melissa and Jason would be a match frowned upon by the gods. Hold up, the gods would frown upon it?

Is Jason somehow related to the Hastings? Right on cue, A texts Spencer and tells her that they’re all family.

Spencer finally gets Jason alone and asks him the question she’s dreading. Is Spencer’s dad also Jason’s dad? He is. Jason confirms what Spencer fears. So what does this mean?!

Spencer finds her mother and confronts her about Jason. Mrs. Hastings admits that Jason really is Spencer’s half brother, but that it doesn’t change Spencer’s relationship with her father. Spencer disagrees and runs off.

Ashley and Isabelle are called to Mr. T’s office and Hanna is finally let off the hook for the naked photo of Kate. Sweet, sweet victory.

Worried that Caleb is going to continue going after Jenna since he thinks she framed Hanna, Hanna asks Aria to find Caleb in their group room or on the roof and tell him to ignore Jenna. Aria can’t find Caleb in the classroom, but she does find Noel and Jenna. They tell her that they haven’t seen Caleb, but Noel takes this opportunity to threaten that he’ll do something to Caleb next time Noel does see him. Aria checks the roof where Caleb likes to hang out. He’s not there, but when Aria starts to think someone is following her she gets scared and tries to climb up to high ground. Before she can make it all the way, Noel Kahn grabs her ankle and tries to pull her down! Thankfully, Holden and his karate kick saw Aria go to the roof and swoops in to save the day. He’s totally in fight club.

It’s lights out on Truth Up day and the girls are trying to sleep in the cafeteria. Emily finally gets her phone back after the ban on cells for the day and sees that she has six missed calls from the number the girls found in Alison’s jacket. The phone rings again and Emily picks up to find a male voice on the other end. He has some questions about Vivian Darkbloom and wants to meet up with Emily. I am le scared.

In our final haunting visual we see A steal Caleb’s laptop from his backpack while he sleeps. Oh no. I don’t think Hanna has a blender big enough to stop Caleb from being blackmailed.

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