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Pretty Little Liars Ep. 19: What Becomes of the Broken Hearted

February 12th, 2013

Emily recruits Jason to find out how Wilden is involved with Alison, Hanna tries to mend Caleb’s past, Aria gets a little too close to Ezra’s brother, and Spencer reaches her breaking point. Find out what happened on tonight’s brand new episode of Pretty Little Liars!

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The girls are trying to figure out how to help Spencer from spiralling out of control. Emily wants to head over to Spencer’s house after school with cupcakes, while Hanna just wants to shake her out of it. Their planning is interrupted when they hear Spencer arguing with Andrew, one of the members of the academic decathlon team.

They’re kicking Spencer off the team. Or Mona is, at least.

Emily runs after Spencer and tries to talk to her, but Spencer takes off crying. She puts her sunglasses on to hide her tears, but inside the lens is a message scratched by A telling Spencer that if she tells anyone about Toby, A will take down Hanna, Emily or Aria.

After school, Emily sees Cece at the coffee shop and asks her whether she knows Detective Wilden, bringing up the Cape May connection. Cece runs off, a little too fast, and says that there tons of guys that summer. At a nearby table, Hanna is searching for stables in Amish country in an attempt to find Caleb’s Uncle Jamie. She’s convinced that Jamie is really Caleb’s father and wants to bring them together. Aria is trying to convince Hanna to stay out of things when she gets a call from Ezra’s mother, Mrs. Fitz. I mean, Mrs. Fitzgerald. She wants to know if Wes is hiding in Ezra’s apartment and Aria lies and says she hasn’t seen him.

Aria finds Wes and his mess in Ezra’s apartment and Wes admits that his mother found him in the apartment that morning, meaning she called Aria after she knew the truth in order to find out whether Aria was a liar. Wes is going to crash with a friend that night and then head to Halifax (CANADA!!). Cece calls Aria when the photographer she hired to shoot her store showed up with a camera phone and asks Aria to take pictures of the store. Aria agrees, as long as she can bring Wes and help him make some money before he runs away.

Spencer is home making the grossest smoothie I’ve ever seen when Andrew shows up. Andrew says that the team can’t win if Mona and Spencer are fighting, but Spencer is determined to get back on the team. She suggests that they go question for question and take off a piece of clothing for every answer the other person gets right until one of them is naked. Are we at rock bottom yet? I feel like we’re really close. Also, my thoughts about decathalon members were incorrect. This guy is like Clark Kent and right now the glasses are off. Emily shows up with cupcakes and Andrew scrambles to cover up his cupcakes.

Emily is upset with Spencer’s behaviour and tells Spencer that she’s trying to get answers from Toby. Enraged, Spencer tells Emily to stay away from Toby and her.

Melissa is making Spencer dinner later that night while their parents are in London when they’re interrupted by Ren. First of all, how many times does Spencer’s life have to be threatened for her parents to stop leaving their teenage daughter alone?
Back to Ren. He got a call from someone who is concerned about Spencer. Aria? Hanna? Emily? Mona. Ugh. Spencer plays along and asks Ren if they can go to dinner and a movie. What’s she got up her unwashed sleeve?

After driving to the middle of nowhere, we get our answer. Pretending she wants to go to dinner at a hole in the wall motel, Spencer is actually there to see Mona and the rest of the decathlon team. Clark Kent Andrew tries to ask Spencer to leave, but she promises she’s just there to cheer them on. Spencer approaches Mona and tells her that she’s there with Ren and is ready to expose Mona’s secrets. When Mona comments that Spencer’s friends have deserted her, Spencer snaps and jumps on Mona, trying to strangle her.

Andrew and Ren pull the girls apart and Ren takes Spencer home, covering for her when Melissa calls concerned that they’re out so late.

Aria and Wes are photographing the store when Cece leaves to get dinner. The shoot is going fine until Wes spills RED WINE all over Cece’s white rug.

Thankfully, Cece won’t be back anytime soon. She calls Aria and tells her that her car was towed while she was waiting for their food, but we see that Cece is sitting in her red convertible. What gives?

Back at the store, Wes admits that he doesn’t have a place to stay that night and Aria offers him her couch. Aria is handing Wes a pillow and sheets at the Montgomery house when Wes kisses her. I’m just gonna say it. For a split second she is definitely kissing him back.

Hanna finds Caleb’s Uncle Jamie and comes right out and asks Jamie if he’s Caleb’s father. He is, but with a police record and shady past, Jamie thinks Caleb is better off not knowing Jamie is his father.

Hanna tells Caleb about her conversation with Jamie and understandably, Caleb is upset that Hanna meddled in his life without talking to him first. She’s set up a time for Jamie to meet Caleb at The Brew, but Caleb doesn’t want to know the man who abandoned him.

Thankfully, Caleb changes his mind and shows up with his hair brushed and his shirt buttoned and agrees to see Jamie as long as Hanna is with him. Seriously, if PLL makes Caleb bad I will…be very upset.

Caleb and Hanna get stood up and Caleb begins to remember all the times Jamie abandoned him. Thankfully, Jamie finally shows up and Hanna makes a joke to break the tension, eventually leaving the men alone to catch up.

Hanna finds her mom Ashley at home and suggests that she ask Pastor Ted to hire Jamie to work on the church and keep him in Rosewood. While Pastor Ted and Jamie are meeting, Caleb thanks Hanna for looking out for him and the two begin engaging in some light making out in the dark church. Oh God. They’re interrupted by God by Ashley, who tells them the good news.

Jamie got the job and everyone is having pizza at the Marin’s to celebrate. Hanna leaves a bill in the Church collection to pay it forward, but her good mood is spoiled when she sees Jamie pay the pizza deliver guy with the same bill that had a distinct drawing on it.

Emily finds Jason at school and tries talking to him about Alison’s pregnancy. She tells Jason about seeing the picture of Wilden at Cape May and Jason is alerted by Emily saying Wilden was near a boat, remembering that Alison gave his father a picture of herself on a boat at Cape May. Jason has already called Wilden and accused him of impregnating Alison, but my guess is that their conversation didn’t get very far.

Jason drives Emily to his house and they find the front of the house covered in bottles. Jason thinks it’s payback for his call to Wilden and Emily gets a text from A telling her to let Jason know he’ll need a drink soon.

After finding nothing at the house, they try Jason’s father’s new office in an attempt to locate the picture of Alison at Cape May. While there, Emily asks Jason about Mona and he explains that he doesn’t think of Mona as a friend, but rather as a link to who dug up Alison. That’s a relief. They find the picture of Alison in between Wilden and Cece! Bonus!

Jason remembers seeing Alison talking to Melissa the night she disappeared, but when Alison turned around it was Cece. Then Jason passed out. He never trusted what he saw and by telling the police they would have known he was awake and it would have made him a suspect.

On their way out of the office, Emily and Jason get stuck in the elevator. This is where things get a bit strange. Instead of just waiting for help like most people would, the two begin panicking. Jason pries open the elevator doors and gives Emily enough room to jump to the lower floor, risking being sliced in half of falling down the elevator shaft. As soon as she’s safe the elevator, along with Jason, plunges to the bottom of the elevator shaft!

Emily sends a SOS text to the girls and they all meet at the hospital. Before the girls arrive, Jason tells Emily that the picture is gone. It’s gone? Like, where? What the heck?

Emily goes into the hallway to meet the girls and when they walk back to the room, Jason is gone. Oh boy.


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