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Pretty Little Liars Ep. 2: Blood Is The New Black

June 12th, 2012

The girls are having a case of déjà vu with A back to her own games, including sending cryptic gifts and messing with their home lives. Plus, Garrett finds himself a surprising ally and Jenna’s secret comes out. There’s a sign involved. Nuff said.

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While in class, Emily finds a necklace in her purse with the words “Dead Girls Can’t Smile” and what look to be human teeth strung together. Does it get creepier than that? I think not. Aria thinks they’re supposed to be Alison’s teeth, but if the necklace was in Emily’s bag then couldn’t they be Maya’s? Aria wants to give the teeth to the police or at least tell their parents, but Spencer thinks it will mean they have to tell the police everything. Like, EVERYTHING. Before the girls can agree on what to do with the creepy necklace, it falls in the toilet and becomes a moot point.

Spencer agrees to go back to the jail to see Garrett as long as Hanna will visit Mona again. Hanna agrees, but lies to Caleb and says that she needs to go shopping with her mom. Caleb is not only hot, but also smart enough to know Hanna is lying. At the jail, Garrett says something about medical records not lying, but won’t tell Spencer whose medical records he’s referring to until Spencer agrees to get her mom to defend Garrett.

While looking in Jenna’s bathroom, Toby found a renewed prescription of eye drops that Jenna was supposed to use only if the surgery worked. With more proof that Jenna’s surgery worked, Spencer begins to doubt Garrett’s guilt.

Before Spencer can even broach the subject of representing Garrett with her mother, Mrs. Hastings storms into Spencer’s room after discovering Spencer had been to the prison and forbids Spencer from ever going back.

As if that would stop Spencer. She heads back to the jail the next day, but finds that Garrett is already with a visitor, this time his lawyer. Spencer sees her mother leave the jail, but Garrett refuses to tell Spencer how he got Mrs. Hastings to represent him without Spencer’s help.

Still refusing to speak, Hanna breaks down during her visit to see Mona and throws a chair and her name badge on the floor before Wren pulls her away.

The two talk outside of Mona’s room and Wren tells Hanna that his father was in a place much like where Mona is being held. Wren also explains that Hanna is trying to deal with the loss of Mona while she’s still physically here.

The next night Hanna wants to visit Mona again, but knows that she can’t cancel on Caleb again. Still, after spending the night starring at the clock Caleb confronts Hanna about lying and she finally tells him about going to see Mona. Since Caleb is perfect he offers to drive her there the next day. Swoon.

During their visit, Hanna tries to warm Mona up to talking by doing her make up. With Mona still refusing to speak, Hanna is about to leave, but stops when Mona asks if ‘she’s getting the text messages again’. She knows! Of course she knows.

Mona refuses to say anything else, but when Hanna leaves we see that Mona stole tweezers and begins to cut herself. Anyone else find it strange that Hanna is always allowed to bring her giant purse into Mona’s room? Don’t paper dresses usually indicate that the patient can’t go near anything they can hurt themselves with, such as EVERYTHING IN A PURSE?!

Outside of Mona’s room, Wren introduces himself to Caleb and begins telling him all about Hanna’s feelings towards Mona.

Caleb looks none too impressed that the hot doctor knows all about Hanna’s feelings. Hot guy fight?

Emily is at risk of having to repeat the year after missing April following Maya’s death, but before Aria can call Ezra and ask him to tutor Emily, she sees Meredith, the woman her dad had an affair with three years ago.

Aria confronts Meredith, who tells her that she’s applying for a teaching job at the high school. That shouldn’t be horrifying for Ella.

Aria finds an earring taped inside her lock and remembers searching her dad’s office with Ali and finding the earrings in his couch, knowing her dad lied about ending the affair.

The girls decided to trash Byron’s office and make it look like Meredith did it. Aria tells the girls that she had put the earrings in Ali’s casket.

Seems like a really strange item to put in your best friend’s casket. Earrings that belonged to your dad’s mistress? Shouldn’t you put in friendship necklaces or something?

While leaving school that day, Jenna stops Aria and asks her to play in the school concert with her next week, but Aria lies and says she needs to help her dad with something. I think she should have taken the opportunity to get inside Jenna’s house, but I’m also not the one that would have to spend time next to someone who may be a killer.

After getting a threatening text from A, Aria comes clean to her father about trashing his office and blaming Meredith.

Byron tells Aria that she needs to apologize (forget that!). Aria finds Meredith in a coffeehouse and Meredith continues being awful to her, even before she admits to trashing the office. Meredith does serve some purpose though in telling Aria that the earrings don’t belong to her. From what we know about Alison, she probably planted the jewelry to create drama. Speaking of drama, Meredith is having lunch with Byron the next day. Geez. Is Ella’s side of the bed even cold yet?

While helping Emily study for her make up exams, Ezra tells her that he’s really sorry about Mona’s death. Like, really sorry. It was only for a second, but it seemed like Ezra was apologizing for something he did. I’m not saying he killed Mona, but let’s just say I’m not not saying he killed Mona.

While taking her make up exam, Emily sees another student playing with her hair and it triggers a memory from the night at the cemetery. Emily begins remembering more about the car, including the face driving it – Jenna! I knew that was the car she drove at the end of Season 2!

Emily runs out of the room before finishing half of the make up exam – as in this is her second and last chance. Later, when the room is empty, Ella marks Emily’s test for her to make up for the questions she didn’t answer. I’m sure somehow A will haunt her with this, but I really don’t know how. I’m assuming there are no cameras in the classrooms and Ella was making marks on the paper to grade it, so a picture of her writing on the exam wouldn’t mean anything. But I digress.

The next day, Emily tells the girls about remembering Jenna behind the drivers wheel and Spencer backs her up, saying she doesn’t think that Jenna is still blind. When they hear Jenna walking towards the bathroom the girls plant the earring from Ali’s casket and watch Jenna’s reaction. Thinking she’s alone, Jenna takes off her sunglasses and examines the earring.

In the words of Aria, “Let’s hang a sign, ‘bitch can see’!”.

Episode 1: It Happened That Night


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