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Pretty Little Liars Ep. 20: CRTL A

February 13th, 2012

A’s identity is $2,000 away from the girls, while Caleb’s freedom lies in Hanna’s memory. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars after the jump!

Aria and Spencer are going to meet the voice on the other end of Vivian’s phone number after school. Spencer has spent the week sleeping at Aria’s to avoid her family, but I it seems like she hasn’t told any of the girls why.

Emily is back on the swim team and her biggest fan has the biggest sign I’ve ever seen at a swim meet.

The good spirits are quickly dashed when Garrett and another Officer find Caleb in the hallway. They have a warrant for his laptop and say that he’s been hacking into school files.

Caleb isn’t worried because there’s nothing illegal on his computer and his firewall is too strong for the police to hack into. Hanna is worried that someone may have already hacked into his computer and hidden files on it. I’m with Hanna on this one. Time to get scurred, Caleb. Finally scurred, Caleb shows Hanna how he can hack into his laptop from a computer in the school. He explains his password origin and also tells Hanna that if the laptop is in a hotspot and connected to the internet he can log on and see whether someone has downloaded files to frame him. Unfortunately, his computer is still offline and he can’t gain access.

Holden finally admits to Aria that during their ‘dates’ he’s doing Korean Martial Arts. I KNEW it was fight club! He has to keep fighting a secret because his parents are against it. I guess that’s why he’s always so worried about the Montgomery’s finding out and telling his folks. The pills in his backpack were pain killers that he never used. There’s a tournament coming up and the qualifiers are the next night. Reluctantly, Aria agrees to cover for Holden.

It’s not just for Holden’s benefit since Aria also makes a date with Ezra. They need talk about Ezra’s job offer in Louisiana. Ezra is worried about what Byron will think if he doesn’t take the job. Ezra will be lucky if Byron only thinks something and doesn’t act on having him put in jail.

Spencer goes looking for Jason at his parent’s office and sees him on the street talking to Maya. No big shock. Everyone is connected and I really feel like there’s something shady about Maya.

Jason left town the night Spencer and the girls were arrested and she wants to know why he’s back now. Jason explains that he found letters that Ali had hid. They were love letters from Spencer’s dad to Jason’s mom, proving that Mr. Hastings is his father. There was also $15,000 in cash. Jason thinks that Ali found the letters and blackmailed Mr. Hastings into paying her for keeping his secret a secret. I wouldn’t put it past her. She was one crafty 15 year old.

The girls are at the restaurant after school to talk to the voice on the other end of ‘Vivian’s’ number.
Emily, Spencer and Hanna are in the booth next to Aria, who is meeting the stranger.

His name is Jonah and apparently Vivian owes him money. Pretending to be Vivian, Alison asked Jonah to find out who was sending her friend ‘Alison’ texts. He did, but she never paid him and he got fired from his job at the cell phone store for going through confidential files. Jonah still has the name, but he’s not giving it up without the $2,000 he was promised by Alison.

The police tell Caleb he can get his laptop back if he cooperates with them. Hanna tells him not too, but Caleb knows that they can’t get past his firewall without his help and isn’t worried. I feel like he needs to worry more.

The IT guys at the police station thankfully haven’t been able to get into Caleb’s computer. Officer Wilden is of course working with Garrett and tells him there’s new there’s new evidence in Alison’s murder and it has to do with the missing autopsy page. Wilden hands Garrett a photo. What the ish is on that photo?!?!

Leaving work the next day, Byron gets a note on his car from A telling him where Aria will be that night. I feel like as a parent that would scare the hell outta me. Doesn’t he find it strange that someone would leave him a note like that? That night, Byron asks Aria where she and Holden are going on their date and she lies and says they’re going to an Arcade.

Ashley is letting Hanna and Emily throw the swim party at her house and Maya shows up crying. Maya’s parents found an old joint that belonged to Ali. Her parents don’t believe her and they want to send Maya back to True North.

Ashley gets a call that she and Hanna are wanted at the police station. Wilden shows Ashley the picture and it’s of Hanna, Spencer and Emily in their candy strippers uniform from the day they stole the autopsy report.

Oh lawd. When Ashley questions Hanna, she pretends it was a joke and that they dared Spencer to go into the morgue.

Ella is getting ready to take Aria and Holden on their date and tells Aria that his parents are overprotective because he has a heart condition. I think I know why they don’t want him doing martial arts. How about arts and crafts? Before Aria and Holden separate on their date, Aria asks if the tournament is dangerous. He tells her not to worry and takes off to do…I don’t know what he’s doing. You can’t talk about fight club. Good luck with the guilt if he gets hurt, Aria.

The party is in full swing at Hanna’s house. Hanna tells Spencer and Emily that Wilden is back and has a picture of them at the hospital. Worried that Caleb is going to be framed, Spencer decides to find out immediately what number Jonah has and goes home to get the money.

Spencer comes home for the first time in a week and finds her dad. He explains the affair and tells her that Jason’s mom lied to his dad and said that Jason was his baby. The DiLaurentis family moved away from Rosewood, but came back when Spencer was five. Spencer confronts her dad about Ali blackmailing him, but Mr. Hastings says that he never gave anyone in that family money.

Emily finds Maya sitting alone and crying at the party. Maya wants to go somewhere to talk about how she can get out of being sent away, but Emily is more interested in getting back to her swim team buddies.

Later, when Emily is looking for Maya she finds her on the porch, joint and lighter in hand. Looks like it wasn’t such an old joint that Maya’s parents found. Maya wants Emily to run away from her ‘perfect’ friends and go to San Francisco with her. Emily doesn’t answer and Maya takes that as a no, leaving her girlfriend in shock.

Emily tries calling Maya later, but I’m pretty sure Maya has split by now. But this is Rosewood and no one leaves for good. Not even the dead people.

Spencer meets Jason later that night to tell him that her father had nothing to do with Alison’s money. Jason doesn’t believe him and Spencer accuses him of wanting to believe the worst about her father. Can’t really blame him.

After leaving the restaurant, Jason comes by the Hastings house to apologize to Spencer. He does want Mr. Hastings to be the bad guy. Spencer accepts his apology and tells him there’s a way they can find out who was after Ali, but she’ll need $2,000 from Jason to buy the information.

Byron goes to the Vegan restaurant that was on the note. Aria, for once in her life makes a good decision, and cancels dinner with Ezra to stay and watch Holden during his qualifying fight. Ezra gets the text right before he spots Byron in the restaurant window. I’m pretty sure he went straight home and changed his pants.

Aria confronts Holden about his heart condition and he says that he has an aneurysm that could rupture while he is watching TV. Still, Aria worries the whole time Holden is fighting. After the fight, Byron calls Aria to speak with Holden and confirm they’re at the Arcade. The timing gods were smiling on those two tonight. Also, I still think they should date. Team Haria FTW.

Caleb is at the police station and they’re pressuring him to unlock his computer. Caleb calls Hanna and tells her that he’s in a hot spot. Hot. Spot.

Thankfully, Hanna gets the clue and tries signing into Caleb’s computer. Spencer tries to help Hanna remember the password, but time is running out.

Wilden and Garrett make Caleb sign into his computer and they start going through his hundreds of files.

Thankfully, at the LAST possible second, Hanna remembers Caleb’s password. She and Spencer are going through the files and find a folder called Hefty Hanna, Ali’s lovely nickname for her bestie. That girl was so mean. Anyways, it contains school records that would frame Caleb and Hanna manages to delete the evidence just as Wilden and Garrett are about to nail Caleb. That was too close.

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