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Pretty Little Liars Ep. 20: Hot Water

February 19th, 2013


Aria contemplates her new relationship with Ezra, Emily continues her investigation of the Cape May picture, Spencer reunites with an old flame and Hanna mother tries to protect her daugther from Wilden. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars after the jump!

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After Jason split from the hospital, the girls try to piece together what information they have at The Brew. They know Cece lied about knowing Wilden, but the picture of them together with Alison disappeared with Jason, taking their proof with him.


Hanna spots a text on Spencer’s phone from Wren asking to talk about what happened that night and Spencer says that she had a small moment with Mona. She’s interrupted by Detective Wilden, who shows up at The Brew to question the girls about Jason DiLaurentis’ comments. Hanna tells Wilden to ask Cece Drake and he looks rattled, but leaves before asking any further questions. He does give Hanna a parting ‘See you around’ that cools everyone’s latte.


Hanna and Ashley are walking around Rosewood when Hanna sees Wilden push Cece into his car. He catches Hanna watching him and so does Ashley. When she demands to know what is going on, Hanna lies and says that she doesn’t know why Wilden is always after her and the girls. Hanna tells Ashley that they think Wilden had a relationship with Alison. Ashley seems more upset that her daughter is accusing Wilden as opposed to the possibility that he may have dated a teenage girl.


Jason finally texts Emily and tells her that he’s been hiding out with a friend. Hanna wants to talk to Paige and Caleb about what they found out about A, but Emily is scared to get them involved. Emily and Hanna catch Paige following up with Shana at the costume shop and force themselves on her investigation.


Upset that Paige brought Emily, Shana won’t give out information on who rented the Queen of Hearts costumes. Hanna distracts Shana while Emily breaks into the system and emails herself a list of customers that rented the Queen of Hearts. Caleb is going to go through the credit card numbers when he gets back from working with his dad on his aunt’s house.


Upset that Emily is putting herself in danger again, Paige begins to fight with Emily later later that night. Paige admits that she and Shana dated during the summer when Emily was away, but swears that things are over between them and that she only loves Emily.


Aria walks into Ezra’s apartment while on the phone with Wes and finds Ezra standing there. Ezra needed time to think about things with them, fearing that having a son would be too much for Aria. She assures him that she wants to be with him no matter what and lies about how much time she spent with Wes, downplaying her involvement with Ezra’s younger brother. She also learns that Maggie kept Ezra’s son Malcolm a secret because his mother paid Maggie. Seriously, how much money does his family have?


Aria is studying at The Brew after school when Ezra’s mom shows up. She wanted to thank Aria for saying something to Wes about returning home and going back to school and then thanks her for Ezra. I’m not really sure what she’s thanking Aria for when it comes to Ezra, but I don’t think any of it is genuine, so it doesn’t really matter.


Spooked by Mrs. Fitzgerald pointing out the obvious (boyfriend with a kid in high school is a lot to take on), Aria heads back to Ezra’s apartment and finds him arguing with his mother. He forces her to leave and tells her to stay away from Aria and from Maggie. Aria decides then that she wants to stay with Ezra, but when a frantic call comes in from Maggie saying that Mrs. Fitzgerald is selling Maggie’s condo, Aria sees that the war is only just beginning.


Spencer has finally pulled herself together enough to make it to school and spends her free period with her head on her desk. Ella finds her in an empty classroom and expresses her concern over Spencer’s recent behaviour. Spencer runs into the hallway and hides in the bathroom when Aria sees her, refusing to come out.


Wren finds Spencer at The Brew, hoping to discuss their road trip. Spencer apologizes for using Wren in order to get at Mona and Wren apologizes for showing up at Spencer’s door when he heard that Spencer and Toby broke up. They go for dinner and Spencer kisses Wren, but her good mood vanishes when she gets home and Melissa tells her little sister that see can smell Wren’s cologne on her (to recap, Wren was engaged to Melissa when she caught him cheating with Spencer).


Spencer is having a steam shower at home with her eyes closed when someone dressed as A locks Spencer in the shower. The system is malfunctioning and the heat is rising, but thankfully Aria shows up and finds Spencer before she dies.


Spencer asks Aria to call Hanna and Emily. She knows who’s helping Mona. Does she think Toby did this? My money is on Melissa.


After making up with Paige, Emily continues on her quest for answers and goes to Cece’s apartment and finds her packing a suitcase. Cece thought Wilden got Ali pregnant and killed her to keep it a secret. Well, we’re all on the same page for once. Emily tells Cece that Jason saw her the night Ali disappeared and Cece admits that Ali called her, frantic about a videotape that everyone wanted, especially Melissa. Cece showed up and talked to Ali, who left to get the tapes. The next day she was missing. Before Cece walks out the door and Rosewood, Emily asks one final question. Who took the picture of Wilden, Alison and Cece? MELISSA HASTINGS. It always goes back to Melissa.


Hanna’s mother Ashley is having dinner by herself when Wilden shows up. He tells her that Hanna needs to stop talking about him or he’ll bring up damaging information about Ashley. Thankfully, she tells him to get lost. Not so thankfully, he follows her.


Wilden throws on his lights and pulls Ashley over, saying that he suspects her of drinking. When she gets out of the car, Wilden tells Ashley that she needs to keep Hanna quiet or he will. She tries to get away and he grabs her, but she manages to break free. Ashley gets in her car, but Wilden won’t move out of the way for her to drive, instead yelling that Ashley has to shut Hanna up or he will and then reaches for the gun on his belt. Ashley hits the gas, running Wilden over and driving off.


Hanna finds Ashley sitting in the dark and learns that her mother may have killed Detective Wilden. Hanna and Ashley drive to the site where Ashley hit Wilden and find his car still there, but no body. The surveillance tape in his police cruiser is still running, which will hopefully show that he threatened Hanna and Ashley and reached for his gun, but tapes and the PLL girls never seem to work well together.



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