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Pretty Little Liars Ep. 21: Breaking the Code

February 20th, 2012

The girls get closer to finding out where A’s text messages are coming from, Mona shares a shocking secret with Hanna and Spencer’s sister Melissa moves up to suspect number one. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars!

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Spencer has shared the good news with the girls that she’s got the money for Jonah, but still hasn’t told them about Jason being her half-brother or that the money came from him. Spencer and Aria are going to meet Jonah that nigh to make the deal and Emily and Hanna feel left out. Not meeting a shady guy who does deals with 15 year olds? I’d be okay with that.

Mona reminds Hanna that they have a date to hang out that night, but while they’re talking Mona gets a text message and looks really upset. We see that look so often from the four girls sometimes I forget that it’s a surprise when someone else is upset by a text. Hanna doesn’t see the screen, but we do.

It’s a message from A saying that Hanna’s mom saved her ass, but who will save Mona’s? WHA? Could it be possible that more people than just Spencer, Emily, Hanna and Aria have been getting texts from A over the past year? And why does Mona’s ass need saving? Does this have to do with her blackmailing Principal T?

After school, Mona brings her new outfits to Hanna’s place to put on a little fashion show.

Mona gets another text and finally admits that someone named A has been texting her. This person has dirt on Mona about shoplifting and is threatening to expose her crimes if Mona doesn’t do something to Hanna and her mom. ‘A’ sent Mona a text of Hanna’s mom Ashley and Officer Wilden kissing, but Hanna tells Mona the picture was photoshopped and Mona believes her. I would ask how A knows that Ashley went on a date with Wilden to get Hanna’s shoplifting charges dropped, but A knows all and I shouldn’t be surprised.

Spencer breaks the news to a still pregnant Melissa (what is this, her tenth trimester?) that Jason is really their brother.

Melissa is understandably upset and asks that Spencer not tell anyone else.

After Spencer breaks the news to Melissa, she meets up with Aria. Jonah is right on time and after they hand him the money he hands them an address.

What?!? No name? No phone number to trace? The texts came from a burner phone and Jonah was only able to trace the calls to a location.

Ready to Mapquest the location and take off, the girls spot Garrett watching them. They decide to hold off on going to the address for fear of him following them.

Aria is on the phone with Ezra while he’s in Louisiana for the interview. Ella walks in and Aria quickly hangs up the phone, pretending she was talking to Emily. Smooth. Ella shows Aria the letter that was left on Byron’s car and Aria does a good job of not throwing up on herself, though I’m sure it was her first instinct. Ella remembers that the person who sent her the letter about Byron’s affair also signed the letter from A.

Emily is still calling Maya non-stop, but after disappearing from the swimming party, Maya hasn’t returned any of Emily’s phone calls.

And because this is PLL we have to remember that ALL characters come back! It’s Paige! And she’s not crazy anymore! Well, she hasn’t tried to drown Emily again so I’m assuming she’s all-better. Emily agrees to help Paige with the fundraiser for the swim team. Could sparks be flying again?

Hanna calls the girls to her house and tells them the truth about the sunglasses and her mom dating with Wilden to get the charges dropped.

After Hanna’s revelation, Aria decides to come clean to her friends and admit that she’s still seeing Ezra. Aria also tells the girls that A sent her dad a letter telling him where Aria and Ezra would be on their date. Emily understands, but Spencer is hella mad after she and Aria spent nights pouring out their hearts over Toby and Ezra.

Hanna calls the girls downstairs to show them an email Caleb texted Hanna to open immediately. Caleb unlocked more of the video and it’s not Alison who bursts into her room, but Melissa!

The girls want to give the tape to the police, but Spencer wants to speak with Melissa first. The girls agree to give Spencer one night to talk to Melissa while they figure out where the texts were coming from.

A sent Mona a police report for Hanna’s shoplifting and said that if Mona doesn’t take the report and the picture of Hanna to the newspaper then Mona’s own shoplifting past will become common knowledge for the Rosewood Police Department.

Hanna tells Mona that she’s also received texts from A and that the person behind the texts is dangerous. Hanna knows that if the address Jonah gave the girls doesn’t tell them who A really is tonight, either she or Mona are going down for their shoplifting.

Hanna Googles the address Jonah gave the girls and finds out that it’s a Law Office that closed three months ago.

When Hanna leaves to join the girls on their quest to find A’s address, Ashley finds her shoplifting report. Pushed too far, Ashley storms into Wilden’s office and demands to know why he’s harassing her daughter. For once, Wilden actually looks shaken and tells Ashley that he didn’t leak the report and that if he had, he could be fired for it. So how did A get the report? My guess is GARRETT! Hopefully this leaked report will trace back to Garrett and he’ll finally be fired from the police force.

The address from Jonah brings the girls to a spooky old house that used to be a Law Office. It looks like an abandoned house, but an old man squatting inside scares the bejeebus out of Aria and me. I don’t think he’s A. Aria grabs some mail from the house and she and Hanna and Emily take off.

Later that evening, Ashley comes into Hanna’s room to say good night. She sees a piece of mail the girls grabbed from the Law Office lying on Hanna’s bed and recognizes it as the Law Firm she used for her divorce. Hanna wonders why her mom would go to a firm so far away and Ashley explains that Melissa Hastings was an intern there that summer and recommended the firm. Oh. Em. Gee. Melissa was in the video AND worked in the Law Office that sent texts as A. Oh Spencer, I think it’s time to stop trying to protect your sister.

Spencer is waiting for Melissa at a bar and runs into Wren, who makes a beeline for the younger Hastings sister.

Spencer sees Melissa arrive, but before she walks into the bar, she’s stopped by Garrett and gets in the car with him. Where isn’t Garrett? Seriously, doesn’t that guy ever work?

Wren tells Spencer that he saw Garrett with Melissa at her OBGYN appointment the week before. Melissa texts Spencer that her class ran late and she has to reschedule their coffee date. Shady! Why is Melissa lying to Spencer and why is she taking Garrett to her doctor’s appointments? Stressed about her sister being in Ali’s room on the night of her death, Spencer starts sneaking shots from the bar. She ends up going home with Wren and forgetting all about Toby. The two start getting physical, but Wren stops things before they go too far, realizing that Spencer is drunk.

Emily goes out to pick up dinner for her and Hanna and Aria and runs into Paige. Paige notices that Emily looks sad and Emily admits that she’s still trying to call Maya and can’t get in touch. Paige decides this is a good time to kiss Emily. Ah! No! Bad timing! Emily runs off even more upset than before.

Hanna finds Mona at school the next day and rather than turn in her best friend and mom, Mona returned the necklace she stole to the store. Wow. I didn’t think Mona had it in her, but that’s pretty awesome. She’ll have to do community service and her parents are mad, but Mona seems to be okay.

That is, until lunchtime hits and she gets a note on her apple from A that next time the stakes will be higher.

Ezra and Aria are meeting in an alleyway and he tells her that he really liked the campus in Louisiana and that he may accept the job offer. Finally, a good decision from Ezra.

Crying in her room, Ella demands to know what’s wrong with Aria. Aria screams at her mother and tells her about Byron getting Ezra the job in another state. Later that night Aria is at Ezra’s house. So they’re not broken up? This is confusing. Ella shows and up says that she wants to talk to them. She wants to understand their relationship and find a meeting point instead of risking losing Aria. Ella just may be the most understanding parent of all time. Of all time.

Melissa finally shows up at the Hastings house and apologizes for ditching Spencer the night before. Melissa reminds Spencer that she wanted to tell her something the night of Ian’s funeral, but wasn’t able. She’s ready now and asks Spencer to follow her out of the house. Unfortunately, Spencer forgot her phone. That’s never good.

Emily still hasn’t heard anything from Maya, so when a police office knocks on the Marin’s door looking to talk to Emily about Maya we can only assume that something terrible has happened.

In the final scene we see A at the firing range putting five bullets in a target. I’m going to make two assumptions. One is that this is the gun that we saw A steal from Spencer’s father’s desk. Two, that there are five bullet holes for the four girls plus Mona. Oh wait, there’s a three. I’m scurred!

Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win a trip to the set of Pretty Little Liars in LA! You have until Sunday, February 26 to answer all FOUR trivia questions!

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