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Pretty Little Liars Ep. 21: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

February 26th, 2013


Aria realizes that Ezra’s new family may be too much pressure for her, Hanna tries to cover up her mother’s crime, Emily begins her search for Toby and Spencer’s discovery causes a breakdown. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars after the jump!

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At the end of last week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, Spencer decided it was time to tell the girls who A is working with. The moment of truth has arrived and Spencer wants to wait for Hanna, but Aria and Emily demand an answer now. When they get it, neither can believe what Spencer is telling them. Aria feels terrible for Spencer, while Emily refuses to believe that her friend Toby would ever do anything to hurt them.


Hanna is dealing with her own shocking news after she and Ashley discovered Wilden’s body missing from the scene. Ashley wants to call the hospital and then her lawyer, but Hanna manages to convince her mother to stay quiet until they find out for sure whether or not Wilden is dead. Speaking of dead, would it kill Hanna to give her mother a hug?


Aria gets to Ezra’s apartment the next day and is surprised to find Ezra’s son Malcolm there. Maggie is being kicked out of her condo by Ezra’s mother and is in town trying to find a job closer to Ezra. Maggie returns to Ezra’s to find Aria, Ezra and Malcolm playing with trains. Aria apologizes to Maggie for Ezra finding out about Malcolm, but Maggie says she’s okay with everything. She even proves that she’s fine with Aria by accepting Aria’s offer to babysit later that day while Maggie is at an interview and Ezra is tutoring.


When she gets tired of leaving him voicemails, Emily uses Toby’s key and she and Hanna search his loft. They’re about to leave empty-handed when Emily comes across the parking pass with the fake name Toby used while working at Radley. Hanna suggests that she try talking to his family next, but when Emily gets to the Cavanaugh house it’s obvious by the pile of newspapers and mail that no one has been there in a long time. A stranger in Toby’s truck pulls up and when questioned by Emily, he says that he and Toby work together and that Toby lent him his truck before taking off days ago.


Spencer is sleeping on her couch when a knock at her back door wakes her up. Waiting for her is a wreath of flowers with a banner across that reads ‘Greatest Sympathy’, similar to what someone would send to a funeral. With the flowers is a note from A telling Spencer that one of her friends will suffer for Spencer spilling the beans about Toby.


She tells the girls about the flowers later that day at the Brew, but their conversation is interrupted by Mona’s appearance. Spencer approaches her enemy and warns Mona to stay away from her friends and Mona plays it cool, giving Emily a lingering look before leaving.


Back at home, Spencer notices that Emily’s initials in the banner are lighter than all the other letters and shows her friend, but Emily thinks that Spencer is being paranoid.


Aria runs home to prepare for her babysitting job by grabbing some of Mike’s old toys when Ella surprises her. Aria lies and says that Hanna is the one babysitting and runs out the door rather than tell her mother that Ezra has a son.


Things are going well with Aria and Malcolm, but when Aria turns her back to call Spencer, Malcolm falls off Ezra’s bed and splits his chin.


At the hospital, Ezra blames Aria for not watching Malcolm and instead calling her friends. He’s obviously never babysat before.


Aria finally comes clean to her mom about Ezra’s child, hoping for some advice. Ella listens and tells Aria that she should take a step back from the relationship. Having an older boyfriend in high school is tough, but one with a baby? That’s a whole different story.


Emily visits her mom at work and pretends to check her email, instead looking up the fake name Toby used while working at Radley. Her mom comes back before Emily can find anything, but Emily does get a text from Toby telling her to stop looking and that he’ll meet her later that night.


Hanna gets home and hears a honking in her garage. She opens the door and finds Wilden’s police cruise parked inside with the video of her mom hitting him playing on a loop.


Terrified, she calls Aria and the two girls push the car across town and into a lake. This is possibly the worst idea Hanna has ever had and that’s saying a lot. Shouldn’t they have checked to make sure Wilden’s body wasn’t in the trunk? Or celebrate that it is in there?


Hanna comes home again and finds her mother there this time. Ashley thinks she saw Wilden in town earlier that day and believes that since she hasn’t been arrested yet, maybe nothing bad will happen. Too late.


Emily arrives at the address Toby gave her and waits over two hours. She’s ready to leave when she sees a woman in a red coat walk into the warehouse. Emily follows her in and finds the guy she met outside Toby’s house earlier that day. He tells her Toby isn’t there and then calls her by her name, even though she never introduced herself. Annnnd time to run, Emily!


Emily gets outside and finds that her window has been smashed. On her front seat is an envelope with a program for Toby’s funeral inside. I am le nervous.


Spencer has been following Mona all day in an attempt to keep Emily safe. Spencer follows Mona first to The Brew, where Mona counts out a huge amount of money before getting a phone call. Her next stop is the woods, where Spencer loses Mona, but finds…Toby.


He’s laying on the ground in what looks like a make shift campsite. His motorcycle helmet is still on and his jacket is raised enough for Spencer to identify him by his ‘Free At Last’ tattoo. Oh. My. Gosh. Is Toby really dead? Could this just be a body double that A is using? I know he was working with ‘A’, but I was still holding out that there was an explanation and that he was the good Toby we all loved.


Spencer drops to her knees and begins to cry, ready to remove his helmet when Mona’s voice yells ‘He’s dead’ as she runs away. Spencer takes off after Mona, but ends up collapsing alone in the woods. Heartbreaking.


A hiker finds Spencer the next morning and the police can’t get any information out of her, labelling her as a Jane Doe and sending her for a psych evaluation. Pushed to a mental breakdown by A, Spencer finds herself alone in Radley, this time as a patient.


Did the police find Toby’s body? And what about Spencer’s car? Was Mona counting money to pay someone for killing Toby? Aria and Hanna are telling Emily about Wilden’s car and the girls are trying to figure out what the funeral program means. I wonder how long it will be until they find Spencer.



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