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Pretty Little Liars Ep. 22: Father Knows Best

February 28th, 2012

It’s time for the annual Father Daughter dance in Rosewood. Hanna’s dad bails, Emily’s dad comes home with bad news, and Aria and Spencer clash with their dads over their broken relationships. Find out what happened on the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars after the jump!

Emily gets home late from the police station after being questioned about Maya’s disappearance. Her parents found a note and think that she packed a bag, but otherwise they have no idea where Maya ran off to and Emily still hasn’t heard from her girlfriend.

Spencer and Melissa are finally having the talk they were supposed to have when Melissa blew her sister off for creepy Garrett. Melissa still doesn’t think that Ian killed Alison. She’s been talking with Garrett because he was friends with Ian. Melissa admits that she shared too much with Garrett, including Melissa noticing that her parents stopped fighting the day Alison went missing. Um, ya think that was an over share? Hello! Melissa thinks her father was relieved when Alison disappeared and Spencer tells Melissa that she still thinks Alison was blackmailing their father, explaining his relief. I feel like there is some loyalty lacking in this family, no?

After having dinner with the happy and ethically wrong couple, Aria is hoping her mom will see that she and Ezra, or Mr. Fitz, are the real deal. She’s hoping Ella will convince Aria’s dad to back off trying to get rid of Ezra, but Ella still doesn’t fully support the relationship. Ella doesn’t want Aria to tell Byron that she had dinner with Ezria. Don’t worry Ella, I’m sure A will take care of that little detail. Byron is excited about the upcoming dance, but Aria is pouting as usual. She’s really driving me nuts. Her dad should have had Ezra put in jail, and instead is just trying to get him a promotion far away? And then she gives him ‘tude? You were my favourite, Aria. No more.

Mike (Mike’s alive!!) has resurfaced on tonight’s episode and tries talking to his sister about Ezra. He wants to know why a relationship that seems to ruin all her other relationships is so important. Excellent question, Mike! Aria uses the love card, but I’m hoping what her brother said has sunk in with her a bit.

Wilden is still staying way too close to the Marins. Ashley left Hanna’s criminal report with Wilden so that he can figure out who stole it, but Wilden seems more worried about covering his own butt. Ashley meets Wilden in his car to discuss the police report and where it originated. Wilden wants Ashley to get Hanna’s phone so that he can try to dig deeper into finding out who sent Hanna her police report. Maybe it would be good for Wilden to see the texts from A. I can’t decide whether he’s Garrett-crooked or only kinda-crooked.

Mona isn’t hearing from A anymore and Hanna is relieved to hear that. But her relief doesn’t last for long when the girls spot Ashley in Wilden’s car.

Hanna confronts her mom at home that night and demands to know why Ashley was meeting with the crooked cop. Ashley tells Hanna she found her police report and wants to find out who is trying to hurt her daughter.

As usual, Hanna stays mum with her mom and when Ashley demands Hanna’s cell phone, Hanna throws it into a sink full of water. Guuuurl that attitude is bad news.

Spencer still thinks that Melissa can’t be A, but the rest of the girls still aren’t convinced. Hanna is worried that at this point they could be in trouble for withholding evidence and not showing the police the tape of Ian, Garrett, Jenna and Melissa in Alison’s room.

The rest of the girls are worried about again going to the police and looking guilty, so they agree to give Spencer more time to talk to Melissa.

Spencer comes home to find a diamond necklace from her dad to wear to the dance. Melissa thinks he’s using his money to shut Spencer up. I think he’s just rich and generous, but either way it’s very elegant hush money.

Spencer’s dad is out playing tennis at the club, so Spencer uses the time to case his office. One of the drawers in his desk is locked, but Spencer finds another drawer with a note saying that Mr. Hastings took out $10,000 in cash from the bank right around the time that Alison disappeared. Melissa finds Spencer looking in the desk, but she plays it off like she just needed a stamp. That excuse is so 1968, but works.

Emily’s dad is in town for the Father Daughter dance and Emily tells her dad that Maya ran away and hasn’t heard from her in days. Emily’s dad thinks that Maya wants to stay hidden if she hasn’t contacted Emily, but does tell Emily that he ran away in high school as well. He offers to help Emily look around the city for Maya in case she hasn’t left yet.

Emily and her father start their search at the bus station and find a guard that was working a few nights ago. He recognizes Emily’s picture of Maya and tells her that Maya bought a ticket to San Francisco and later the guard saw her talking to someone in a dark coloured car. He didn’t see whether Maya got on the bus or not. As with PLL, a clue gets us so close, but yet so far.

Emily finally gets a call from Maya, but her mailbox was full and Maya couldn’t leave a message. Argh! At the dance, Emily apologizes to her dad for spending his whole trip looking for Maya. Emily’s dad tells her not to worry, but does drop the bad news that he’s leaving that night to go back to Afghanistan. Tear.

Hanna shows up at the dance to tell the girls that Ashley found the police report and showed it to Wilden. Mona has an idea, but it requires someone who can lie really well and all the girls point to Aria. Fair enough. Byron is doing his best to connect with Aria, but Aria wants to leave the dance early so that she can follow through with Mona’s plan. Aria tells Byron that she’s not his little girl anymore and is pretty mean to him. This is driving me nuts. Aria needs to lighten up big time.

Upset with her dad for lying to her repeatedly, Spencer runs outside of the dance to see someone on a motorcycle that looks an awful lot like Toby. Wearing a helmet, but you know, looks like Toby.

Aria goes to Ashley and tells her that she sent the police report to Hanna. Aria lies and says she’s known for a while that Hanna is shoplifting again and sent the report to scare her.

Aria says she made the report up and Ashley seems to buy the story, but later we see her and Ella having coffee. Ashley didn’t believe one bit of Aria’s confession. Ella tells Ashley about the letters from A and says that she doesn’t think it’s a good idea that Ashley got the police involved, worried that it could hurt Aria in the long run. Too late!

Spencer finally tells her dad that she found a cheque stub in his desk that she thinks was used as blackmail money for Alison. Mr. Hastings is freaking out that Spencer was in his desk and starts ripping through things. He calls the police to tell them that a gun has been stolen from his desk. When her dad leaves the room to speak with the police further, Spencer finds a folder full of pictures of Alison. Like, full!

Before the police arrive, Spencer confronts her dad with the folder full of Alison’s pictures. The cheque stub that Spencer found was for a private investigator that Mr. Hastings hired to follow Alison. The investigator used the folder of pictures for reference. Don’t you normally just need one picture of the person you’re following? Mr. Hastings says that the investigator was hired to make sure that no one he cared about was involved in Alison’s murder. Spencer assumes it was Jason, but Mr. Hastings corrects her and tells Spencer that he was actually worried Melissa was involved in Alison’s murder after learning of his older daughter sending the teenager threats.

Melissa tells Spencer that she’s leaving Rosewood to go to the city to escape all the drama. Melissa tells her sister that Spencer can stay with her if she feels unsafe. Melissa apartment is the opposite of where I’d go to feel safe.

Later that night, Aria gets a call from Jonah telling her that Vivian’s friend Alison was getting texts from more than one number. The second set of texts came from an address in Brookhaven. I assume it’s close to Rosewood? Jonah couldn’t find a specific address, but he was able to give Aria a block radius.

The girls find a cree-pay store with antique dolls that look like the dolls A sent the four girls.

Aria goes back to Spencer’s car to get a sweater and finds Alison’s jacket. Aria puts the jacket on and behind her hears a guy calling her Vivian. Ah!

A finishes the episode with a picture of Maya on the cover of the Rosewood newspaper as a missing girl. We knew she was missing, but I think being in the press ups the ante on the seriousness.

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