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Pretty Little Liars Ep. 24: If These Dolls Could Talk

March 12th, 2012

Aria crosses the line with Ezra and her parents, Hanna asks Caleb to do the unthinkable, Spencer tries to protect Melissa and Emily gets a final message from Maya. Find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars after the jump!

Don’t miss the Season 2 finale of Pretty Little Liars next Monday at 8 pm ET on MuchMusic!

Asleep on her couch, Spencer wakes up to find Alison going through the newspapers from her bag. Alison apologizes for not telling Spencer about Jason and tells Spencer that the girls are getting warmer to figuring everything out.

Alison helps herself to some of Spencer’s pain medication that’s sitting on the coffee table. So, Spencer didn’t need stitches for the cut in her hand, but she does require two bottles of pain pills?

In the morning, Melissa wakes Spencer up and Spencer sees that the side door was left open and the lid is off one of her pill bottles. Was seeing Alison a dream? Does anyone in this town understand how locks work?

Emily tries to calm Spencer down and points out that Spencer was taking two types of pain pills. Emily remembers talking to Alison in the barn when she was trapped in there and admits that it felt real.

Emily gets a text from Maya, upset that Emily told Maya’s parents she had heard from her runaway girlfriend. Maya, you ran away from home and didn’t tell Emily. Girlfriend doesn’t owe you anything.

Ashley finds Hanna’s phone and tells Hanna and Mona that there are to be no more phones. She’s really big on this phone thing.

Aria brings Ezra a coffee to celebrate Ezra showing her dad he can’t control their lives. OOOOOOOOOmigawd I’m heavily, heavily disliking them. Ezra admits that the Dean isn’t happy that he turned down the job offer.

Jenna is supposed to wait until after school for the doctor’s to remove her bandage, but she can’t wait that long.

Jenna tells Toby that his face is the first one she wants to see. But when Jenna removes the bandage, she finds that she still is without her vision. I’m not Jenna’s biggest fan, but I do feel badly for her.

Spencer cracks the newspaper nut and realizes that Alison was communicating with A through classified ads. They were set to meet at the creepy doll hospital right before Alison went missing.

Toby helps Jenna to the girl’s table in the quad and leaves them alone to talk. Jenna admits that she still can’t see, but when she woke up this morning she finally saw things clearly. Hanna saved Jenna from the fire and made Jenna realize that people can grow. Jenna tells the girls she wants to grow and let go of the anger holding her back. Jenna tells the girls that she’s never really been the person they need to fear. But does she know who it? Emily doesn’t buy Jenna’s speech, but Aria does and still believes that Jenna had something to do with the fire at Jason’s. Spencer thinks they need to retrace Ali’s steps and go back to Brookhaven.

It seems that A hasn’t forgotten about Mona, who receives a text instructing her to break up Hanna and Caleb or risk social suicide. Thankfully, Mona shows Hanna the text rather than just doing exactly what A says as the other four girls have for the last two seasons. Hurray Mona! Unless you’re really A. Then boo.

Aria leaves her mom a message in her classroom that she’s hanging out with Spencer after school and that’s when Aria sees a file on Ella’s desk. It’s Aria’s transcript attached to an application for an all girls boarding school in Vermont. OH SNAP!

The girls go to Brookhaven and find Martha, the woman who owns the doll hospital. Big shocker, the person who owns a creeeeepy doll hospital is a little odd. Who would have thought? Everyone, that’s who.

She’s not alone and Aria spots a little boy in the window. This is just getting creepier and creepier.

Spencer spots a doll that was in the bag of Alison’s things and the little boy says a girl asked about the voo doo doll last summer. Somehow this kid remembers Alison’s face, but that she had different hair. The little boy says that he told Alison to stop looking for the doll because there was a man and a woman looking to hurt her. The shop owner explains that the little boy, Seth, is gifted and sees things before they happen. Seth also knew that Alison was buried alive and had dirt in her lungs. Mental note – do all my doll shopping at Toys R Us from here on out.

Back at Hanna’s house, the girls are trying to figure out whether Seth’s knowledge was an extremely good guess or if he actually knew Alison. Spencer finally tells the girls about the detective her parents hired to follow Melissa and that Jason is really her brother.

At home, Aria confronts her mother about the boarding school and Ella explains that she and Byron were just exploring options. Then Aria does something I never thought I’d see. She threatens to tell the Dean at Hollis about her father’s affair with his grad student. Low blow.

It’s a big night for all the girls at home! Spencer shows Melissa the video from the night of Alison’s disappearance. Spencer tells her sister that she’s going to the police and Melissa tells Spencer that there are videos that show Spencer and her friends looking suspicious. I think she’s bluffing.

After Mona gets the text from A, Hanna uses that information to help her prove that Melissa is really A. Hanna asks for Caleb’s help with catching Melissa in the act of being ‘A’. Like Aria, I never, ever thought I see Hanna do this.

Hanna wants Mona and Caleb to kiss in front of Melissa while she’s out running an errand. This is too much. How was this the only option?

Spencer and Hanna wait for a text from A and when the text arrives telling Hanna that A just saw her bestie and Caleb kissing, Hanna is convinced for sure that Melissa is A. Hanna wants to go straight to the police, but Spencer is still trying to protect her sister.

Aria and Ezra are still going strong, but things are definitely weakening. Finally! Ezra has been fired from Hollis and he’s sure that Aria’s dad is behind it.

So how do these two deal with Ezra’s decision to leave Rosewood? They have sex for what I think is the first time. I have no comment. That’s not true, I have lots of comments. Just biting my tongue. These two. Grrrr.

Toby checks in on Jenna and sees Garrett sitting outside the house. Jenna asks Toby to close her blinds and hands Toby the missing page from the Alison’s autopsy report and explains that Garrett asked her to keep it safe. Jenna says that she doesn’t know what the piece of paper is, but when Toby tells her, Jenna decides that she wants to police to have it.

Spencer, Hanna and Emily go to the doll hospital one last time to try to get more information from Psychic Seth. The store is dark, but the door is unlocked and they make their way inside.

The girls go to the basement and find hundreds of broken dolls. But things get even creepier when they hear a doll’s voice from behind a door. On the other side of the door is a doll with blonde hair a yellow sweater, half buried in a grave of dirt. The doll repeats “Follow me, end up like me” and I’m 100% certain that this is supposed to be Alison. The shelves come to life and begin to topple over with dolls falling on top of the girls as they escape the basement.

The three girls regroup back at Spencer’s and discuss what to do about the video evidence. That’s when they hear Garrett and Melissa come home.

Garrett and Melissa kiss! What? Now they’re together? Have they always been together secretly? Melissa tells Garrett to not worry about Spencer and her friends turning in the video, but it looks like Garrett has bigger issues on his plate.

The police show up to Spencer and Melissa’s house and arrest Garrett for…wait for it…the murder of Alison DiLaurentis! What the ish was on page 5 of that autopsy report?

Obligatory shocked faces photo.

In case there weren’t enough OMG moments for you already in tonight’s episode, Jenna can see! OH EM GEE! I’m assuming the surgery worked and not that she could see all this time, or else why wouldn’t she have gotten out of the fire at Jason? Jenna had no idea that Hanna was coming to the house. Also, Jenna knew what was on the autopsy report, meaning she had every intention of getting Garrett arrested. Is she trying to make him take the fall for something she did? Is she scared he’ll kill her?

Our last shot of A is with Martha and Seth. It seems that A has been working with them all alone, which I think means he told Seth what to say. It also means that A knows Alison had dirt in her lungs when she did. So has A seen the autopsy report and do they know because they killed Alison?

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