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Pretty Little Liars Ep. 25: Unmasked

March 19th, 2012

It’s the Season 2 finale and we finally find out A’s identity! But will all our questions be answered or simply replaced with more questions? Plus, the bodies in Rosewood start to pile up. Find out what happened on the Season 2 finale of Pretty Little Liars!

It’s been one week since Garrett was arrested for Alison’s murder and the News is reporting that Garrett became a police officer to cover up the murder. Spencer’s mom found out it was Alison who turned in the autopsy page, but we still don’t know what was on the page that had enough evidence to make Garrett look guilty enough to arrest.

Melissa walks in on the girl’s conversation and reiterates that she knew it was never Ian who killed Alison.

Melissa tells the girls that she and Garrett both know how Jenna was blinded and that was enough to make what Garrett did right. Yikes.

A messenger arrives with a package for the girls and an invite for each of them to the masquerade ball. ‘A’ says that their identity will be revealed at midnight, but if the girls don’t bring A’s phone then one of them will end up dead.

The next day, Spencer decides that she’s not taking A’s threat sitting down and wants the girls to go through Alison’s bag again that night and look for clues.

Mona walks up to the huddle and suggests they all check out a store she likes in Brookhaven to get their masquerade dresses. Everyone makes up an excuse to bail and poor Mona is left on her own again.

That night the girls meet in Ezra’s apartment, which seems kinda like their play house. Aria tells the girls that she and Ezra had sex. Ugh. Moving on.

Spencer finds a pen in Alison’s bag for an airfield called Dogherty’s Landing and the girls assume that this must be where Duncan dropped Alison the day she went missing.

They hop in the car and drive out to the airfield and instead find a borderline creepy hotel called the Lost Woods Resort with a full-on creepy manager.

It’s the same hotel from the ripped postcard the girls found in Ali’s bag and decide to get a room and investigate.

Harold (the manager who does his best Norman Bates from Psycho impersonation) gives the girls a key to their room and the search begins. But what are they looking for?

Spencer and Aria, or Sparia as Spencer names them (she must watch Pretty Little Liars) break into the check-in room and look though Harold’s registration book. Alison booked Room 1 under the name Vivian Darkbloom on the day she disappeared and on the day she was supposed to be meeting A according to the classified ads.

Hanna, who fell down outside the hotel, jumps in the shower to clean off. Emily gets a call and thinks it’s Maya, so she heads outside to get better reception.

Leaving the door open, someone walks around the hotel room and stands outside of the shower while Hanna is under the running water. Creeeeepay.

The next morning, Spencer is still talking about the registration book and says that no one ever rents Room 2.

But we quickly find out that’s not true. There’s a hole in the wall between Room 1 and 2 and someone is watching the girls. I’m gonna assume that someone is A.

After dropping off the other girls, Spencer drives by Jason’s house and sees Toby outside sorting through the burned furniture. Spencer stops to talk to Toby and asks him to forgive her since he can forgive Jenna, but Toby shrugs her off and gets back to work. As Spencer is leaving, Toby gets a call from Dr. Sullivan. What? How do they know each other and where the ish has she been since she disappeared?

Spencer isn’t the only one behind the wheel today. JENNA IS DRIVING! A convertible.

Um, okay, if Jenna is pretending to still be blind then maybe a) driving b) driving a convertible and c) driving in the middle of the day aren’t the best ideas. Jenna meets someone (who we can’t see) and tells them she’s been waiting a long time to see this person again. Jenna tells this person that the girls will all be at the masquerade ball. Then she hands anonymous something that’s been wrapped in a towel. Theories to come on this.

The girls arrive at the dance and agree to split up and try to find A and then meet up again at midnight.

Aria gets a text and makes her way through a corridor while being followed by Jenna.

Instead of some terrible fate awaiting her, it’s Ezra. Kinda terrible. Ezra tells Aria he can’t stay away from her and the two have their first dance together. Ugh.

Emily, who seems to be the only person that really takes the whole ‘A might kill one of us tonight’ thing seriously, gets a tap on the shoulder from Emily.

Emily apologizes again to Emily for trying to kiss her and admits that she’s still in love with Emily. Emily tells her that she’s not ready for a relationship and just needs a friend and Paige agrees to be just that.

Hanna is surprised by Caleb, who was supposed to be visiting with his mom from out of town that night. Mona helped Caleb pick the perfect Romeo costume to go with Hanna’s Juliette dress. Aw, that’s nice.

Spencer sees Mona’s good deed and apologizes to her again for being such a bad person and not telling Alison to leave Mona alone with Ali tormented Mona. Mona tells Spencer it’s water under the bridge and then shares her last memory of Alison.

Mona was shopping at the vintage store in Brookehaven she told the girls about earlier and caught Alison there watching someone while wearing a dark wig. That’s when Spencer realizes that Alison wasn’t hiding from A in the motel, but following A.

Spencer calls Emily to tell her that she and Mona are heading back to Brookhaven to have another look at the motel and Emily makes Spencer promise to be back at the ball by midnight.

When they arrive at the motel, Spencer distracts Harold by having tea with him while Mona steals the key to Room 2. Spencer thinks that it’s never rented because A uses the room all the time. When the girls get into the room they realize that Spencer’s assumption was correct.

The walls are plastered with pictures of Alison, Emily, Spencer, Hanna and Aria, as well as dolls that are supposed to look like the girls. Oh. Em. WTF.

Mona finds drawings of a masquerade dress and it looks like the black swan. She texts Hanna that the girls should be looking for someone dressed as the black swan and Spencer remembers that Melissa had the same costume at a party last year.

Spencer finds Ali’s diary in the room and the page is marked with a gum wrapper. Mona offers Spencer a piece of gum and it’s the same brand. Wait for it. Wait for it.

MONA IS A! Enraged, Mona tells Spencer that she hates the girls for taking Hanna, her only friend, away from her. Mona also says that she has Mr. Hastings gun, not Melissa, and before Spencer can run away Mona strikes her in the head and drags her into the car.

Back at what is now, surprisingly, the safe place to be, the girls spot someone dressed as the black swan. She is thin with brown hair. Could this be Ezra’s ex? Hanna’s sister Kate wearing a wig? A not-pregnant Melissa (maybe the baby bump is fake)?

The black swan walks over to JENNA AND LUCAS! What the what? How are these three connected? The girls try to follow the swan, but she gets away.

Aria tries calling Spencer and Spencer, who is now conscious, answers the phone and lets the girls in on Mona’s confession. Emily grabs the phone that Mona gave Hanna and realizes it’s been set to record all of Hanna’s conversations. We know that A is good with phones and hacking, but so is Caleb. Could Caleb be working with A? Say it isn’t so!

After Ali went missing the girls all split up and Hanna spent all her time with Mona. If Spencer is gone then the girls may split up again and Mona will get her friend back. Mona tells Spencer that she can either disappear or join Team A. Realizing that Mona is A, a very shocked and upset Hanna, along with Aria and Emily, race to save Spencer after Spencer quickly said the location they were headed towards.

Mona is speeding around corners and Spencer, terrified that Mona will drive them off a cliff, pulls on the emergency break and jumps out of the car. Before Mona can chase Spencer Hanna and the girls spot Mona and Hanna stops her car seconds before she crushes Mona.

Mona takes off after Spencer and the two fight.

Just as Mona is about to push Spencer over the cliff, Spencer gets better footing and it’s Mona who ends up dropping down the steep mountainside.

The ambulance and police arrive on the scene and the girls are extremely shaken up. That’s when Dr. Sullivan arrives and tells the girls that she had to disappear because her son had been threatened. Who is her son? Is it Lucas? Is that how he’s involved? It can’t be Holden because Aria knows his parents. Noel Kahn grew up in Rosewood so all the girls know who his parents are, but what about Caleb? Caleb was going to miss the dance because his mom was visiting from California. Is Dr. Sullivan really his mother?

Just as they’re about to leave the girls hear one of the paramedics yell that Mona is still alive. We see a close up of Mona lying on the side of the cliff and see the timer on her watch go off. If A didn’t get her phone by midnight then she was going to kill someone. Was that Mona’s reminder to put the plan into action? Seems like an odd thing to have to be reminded to do. At the police station, Dr. Sullivan explains to the girls that Mona has a personality disorder. With medication and treatment she may get better, but Mona’s inner dialogue tells us she has no intention of letting the girls get away with their lives.

On their way out of the station, Dr. Sullivan tells the girls that Toby, who is waiting across the street, convinced her to return to Rosewood.

Spencer runs to Toby, who tells her that pretending to not love her was the hardest thing he’s ever done. Upset that he lied, Spencer tries to hit Toby, but he blocks her arm and kisses her instead. So does this mean he knows she lied about cheating on him?

Emily invites the girls to her house for a sleepover, but as soon as they turn onto Emily’s street the girls see that half the town and every police car and ambulance is waiting for them. So is Emily’s mother.

Emily spots her mother and runs up to her only to find out that a body was found…and the police think it’s Maya. OH. GOOD. GOD. NO!

And look who’s front and centre.

In the final scene of Season 2 we see Jenna in the psych ward. She has a visitor in red and tells the person that she did everything that was asked of her. THE END!

Of course this is PLL so when one question is answered another one is created.

– Mona mentioned the A Team to Spencer. Who is on the A Team and who was Mona talking to at the end of the episode?
– Who was the black swan? And since the black swan was talking to Jenna and Lucas are they part of the A team?
– How long has Maya been dead? Mona’s phone went off a midnight and the girls were told that if they didn’t return A’s phone by then, someone would die. Was that someone Maya? Or has Maya been dead for weeks and if so, then who sent Emily the texts and email?
– Where was Maya’s body found? It’s somewhat unclear as to whether her body was found in her own house (Alison’s old house) or Emily’s house since Emily’s mother was there. Was Mrs. Fields there just to find Emily and break the news before anyone else could do it? Will Emily look like she was involved in Maya’s murder since Emily told Maya’s parents she had heard from their daughter when it looks like it may have really been A contacting Emily?
– Could Paige be behind Maya’s death? She has made it clear that she’s in love with Emily and knows that Emily wants to be with Maya. We also saw Paige hold Emily’s head under the water last season when she was mad at Emily, so we know that Paige is unstable.
– Who is Dr. Sullivan’s son? Why was Toby involved with Dr. Sullivan? Before Dr. Sullivan went missing she told the girls that she knew who was after them. If Mona has always had a personality disorder then maybe Mona was her patient and Dr. Sullivan had realized it was Mona going after the girls.
– When Jenna handed the item wrapped in the towel to the stranger she met up with could that have been the black swan mask? Who was the person she was talking to and is she no longer pretending to be blind?

So many questions! What are your theories? Need to go over all the amazing dramz that went down on Season 2 of Pretty Little Liars? Check out the recaps below!

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