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Pretty Little Liars Ep. 8: The Guilty Girl’s Handbook

July 30th, 2013

PLL Recap 408

On tonight’s brand new episode of Pretty Little Liars, Hanna enlists the help of an unlikely ally, Spencer gets closer to uncovering what really happened to Toby’s mother, Emily’s family tries to cope and Aria fears for her brother’s safety.

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Hanna, Aria and Spencer are anxiously waiting for Mrs. Hastings to get home to let them know how the arraignment went. Mrs. Hastings finally arrives and tells Hanna that her mother pled not guilty and was denied bail. They’re going to appeal, but to make matters worse, Ashley is being remanded to the State Prison.


Hanna understandably is upset about her mother and stays home from school. She unfortunately decides to fill her time by inviting Mona over and asking for advice on lying. Hanna wants to confess to killing Det. Wilden to get her mom out of jail and now one knows how to live a lie better than Mona. The girls get to work, with Mona grilling Hanna on every detail of the lie, telling her exactly how to respond to the questions the police will have for her.


Mike finds Aria at school and tells her that he’s going to hang out with the team after their game that night. Byron is out of town and Aria wants to know when her little brother will be home, but he’s being vague and saying that he needs to hang out with the guys after the whole ‘Connor thing’.


Aria sees that Mike is holding a bag with the logo of Jake’s karate gym on the side and Aria goes to the gym to talk to Jake about Mike. Jake mentions that Mike said something about his teammates being against him and tells Aria that he’s there for her as well. And so are his biceps.


When it starts to get late that night, Aria begins to worry about Mike and calls his phone. A teammate of Mike’s picks up and says that Mike is unconscious, sending Aria into panic mode. Aria calls Jake, who comes right over, but before they leave to begin canvassing bars for Mike, little Montgomery calls back and tells Aria he’s fine that he’s staying at a friend’s house that night. Jake hangs around anyways to make sure Aria is okay and the two make plans to see a movie next week.


Emily and her mother have moved into a hotel after someone drove a stolen car through their living room. Mrs. Fields doesn’t understand how the driver got away without anyone seeing them, but Emily knows.


Emily meets with Mr. Fitz at school to talk about college applications and he begins asking about whether there is someone other than Mona who wants to hurt the girls. Emily tries to play off the accident as just that, an accident. Mr. Fitz suggests that Emily apply to some small schools and advises her to get in touch with her supervisor from her time building houses in Haiti to show schools that swimming isn’t her only strength.


Emily meets with Zoe, her adviser from Haiti, and we learn that Emily knew her way around a drill and has a big fan in Zoe.


Caleb finds Spencer at school and they talk about what he and Toby unlocked in Nigel’s phone. There were three phone numbers with three different addresses in New York. Toby is there trying to find out if Cece Drake is behind one of the doors and Caleb asks Spencer to keep an eye on Hanna.


Caleb meets with Ashley and tells him that she’s worried about what Hanna might do if things don’t work out for Ashley and she stays in jail. Ashley knows that Caleb listens to him and asks him to make sure Hanna doesn’t do anything to get herself in trouble.


Thankfully, Caleb waits for Mona to leave and stops Hanna from walking out the door to the police station. Hanna admits what she and Mona were up to that night and Caleb is understandably irate, refusing to let Hanna send herself to jail for a crime she didn’t commit.


Spencer goes home to check on Hanna and instead finds Beckett, her mother’s new assistant, going through files about Ashley’s case. Spencer sneaks a look inside a box of evidence and finds a police report that Wilden took the night Toby’s mother died. It’s an interview with Eddie Lamb. Interesting…


Spencer visits Eddie at Radley and shows him the report, which says that Eddie told Wilden he found Mrs. Cavanaugh missing at bed check. When he found the door to the roof open, Eddie went to the roof and saw a body on the ground. Mrs. Cavanaugh didn’t jump from the window, as stated on her death certificate, so why did Wilden change Eddie’s story? Eddie points out that Wilden went from Officer to Detective soon after that and cautions Spencer to stop digging. Why do people keep saying that to her? It’s not gonna happen!


Spencer rushes home to tell her mother about the false report, which shows that Wilden was a crooked cop and could have a lot of people after him. Their conversation is interrupted with Mrs. Hastings gets a surprising phone call.


Mona is at the police station and is confessing to killing Wilden.





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