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R.J.’s Hard Times In A Nutshell

March 27th, 2011

Don’t know how to jump on the R.J. bandwagon? I’ve got the lowdown on all the sex, horniness, superbad-ness and smart comedy that is The Hard Times of R.J. Berger!

And in case you need to see for yourself just how large and in charge Mr. Berger is, the entire first season is available online right HERE!

The new season of Hard Times premieres Monday @ 8PM ET on MuchMusic.

R.J.’s got a BIG d-piece. In fact, his first girlfriend almost choked to death on it giving him a good time. That experience could scar a guy…and it did – to R.J. He kept his bubbles out of trouble until he attempted to show off during a basketball game. R.J. unloaded his pecker for the whole school to see. And it wasn’t just a quick peek-a-boo. It was a “Hey look – now that is one MOTHER of a big d**k”.

Since that moment, he’s had to fight off horny cougars, horny baby-sisters, horny teachers, and his horny “every-second-of-the-day-for-R.J-juice” BFF Lily. Why would any guy throw away the chance to hit all these pretty thangs? Because of Jenny.

He ran for school president and vowed to be a voice for the little people (and he totally, embarrassingly lost!), played opposite his true love in a school play and got a gi-normous erection, and even tried to get over Jenny with another girlfriend, Clare. But he learned the hard way you just can’t rush sex.

Even when he rubbed himself down with dirty, worn jockstraps – complete with getting pubes in the mouth. Yes, it was nasty and an ill-thought out plan. But R.J.’s the guy who’ll try anything to get laid with his one and only.

But everything seemed ready to change on prom night. He had a date with his BFF Lily with the trade off they’d both lose their V-cards afterward. But he pulled a power-move when Jenny asked him to the dance, and decided to ditch Lily. But before he could let her down, Lily was hit by a bus. Yes. It happened that randomly.

Instead of betraying his friend, he left the dance and spent the night with Lily instead. And by spent the night, I mean they got down and dirty on her hospital bed. And it may have killed her! After R.J. was done and walked out of the room, Lily flat-lined.

Did she die? Will Jenny find out R.J. slept with Lily? Can R.J. get anything going with Jenny again?

Don’t miss the season 2 premiere Monday @ 10PM ET on MuchMusic.

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