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Reason #3,085,972 why Taylor Swift and I should be besties

June 23rd, 2014

Taylor besties

Pop superstar, philanthropist, fashionista, sometimes-actress, always-awesome person Taylor Swift has added a new feline to her cat family. The 24 year-old singer recently adopted a cat and named it…wait for it…Olivia Benson.

Olivia the Cat

Are you freaking kidding me. Not a question, simply a statement. Taylor Swift, who I want to be besties with (not in a stalker-way, more of a let’s wear Keds and bake together-way), named her cat after one of my most favouritest (a word) fictional people.

Sergeant Olivia Benson has been cleaning up the streets of New York and giving TV fans a kick-ass heroine for years. Swift has been outspoken in her love for SVU, as per Exhibit A.


Admittedly, watching too much SVU can sometimes lead to a fear of boyfriends, and people, and having a fire escape, and not checking that your door is locked about 15 times before you go to bed, etc., but! Taylor Swift loves Olivia Benson. I love Olivia Benson. Obviously, we should be besties. We both recognize that Benson is the HBIC. BTW, that’s Sergeant HBIC. Boo-yah Season 15.


She is not here for anyone’s shit.


Naming your cat after someone who is never afraid is totally a smart move. Guard cats can totally be a thing.

not afraid

She knows when to just say ‘no’.

say no

And when to say ‘yes’.


Benson has definitely made us all smarter.

made us smarter

She gives the best advice.


I’m serious about the HBIC thing.


Cheers to Olivia Benson, the SVU Sergeant and the cat.

red cup

And cheers to Taylor Swift and I watching SVU marathons as besties, because somehow we’re not already doing that.


I’m shocked too, Benson. Dun dun!

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