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Red Hot TGIF

January 4th, 2008

* Matthew Fox leaks a few Lost secrets.
* By now you all know that Barack Obama triumphed in Iowa because of the high turnout of young voters. But I can’t help but think that Conor Oberst’s participation at Obama’s January 1st rally had some sort of influence. Hah, probably not but I still love the fact that Obama teamed up with Conor of Bright Eyes.
* Has a Jonas Brother found love?
* GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan gives pot up. I’m serious.
* WHAT. THE. F**K. Ben Foster (one of the most underrated actors around) & Zoe Kravitz? I thought he was still dating Ellen Page? WTF? So disappointed. And why is it that he only dates girls that are 20? Weird.
* Tori & Dean say adios to Chateau La Rue.
* Natalie Portman has inspired a bevy of beauties to hit the books.Blake Lively has plans to take ‘a course’ at Columbia (*smirks) and now Kiera Knightley has jumped on the intellect bandwagon.
* Reese Witherspoon doesn’t want to get it on with Vince Vaughn. Wouldn’t blame her.

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