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Reflecting On Black History Month

February 6th, 2009

When I moved from St. John’s to Halifax I quickly found out about the history of Africville, Nova Scotia. I couldn’t believe that having lived so close to Nova Scotia (in Newfoundland) for my entire life; I had never even heard of Africville and then was shocked even more to find so many people across this country who hadn’t heard of the community, the history and the relocation of its residents.

In 2007 just before my band ended our 11 years together we released a video with the hopes of it living on as a tool to educate people about it. Not long after that, Black Union along with Maestro also released a video about Africville. I love how music can be a tool to educate and unite people for a cause. Here are two videos, from two completely different bands, from completely different cultural backgrounds, using music in a similar way.

Bucket Truck – A Nourishment by Neglect

Black Union f. Maestro – Africville

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