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Rejoice! The Friends Cast Reunite, Well Sort Of

August 28th, 2014


The One Where The Friends Kind of Got Back Together.

Have our prayers finally been answered? It’s been a a long and laugh-free 10 years since we last saw our favorite friends conversing over coffee on the couch at Central Perk. But finally the cast of Friends reunited last night, well sort of.

Jimmy Kimmel treated guest Jennifer Aniston to a special treat last night when he recreated Monica and Chandler’s infamous apartment. Jimmy being a bigger Friends fan than us, coaxed Jennifer to acting out his fan fiction, in which Jimmy plays Ross and is the best love maker. And just when things start to get awkward Courtney Cox, or as she’s more commonly known as Monica Gellar enters the scene and took our breath away. And just when we thought we’d died and gone to heaven, Lisa Kudrow, Phoebe Buffay appears and we reach full nirvana.

The three former cast members continue to act Jimmy’s pretty cringe-worthy fan fiction which even includes the iconic theme song to the show.

Although we were missing some key actors to make this a full on reunion, we’ll take what we can get. Snaps to you Jimmy for doing the impossible and bringing our friends back to TV. Could we be anymore happier?

Check out the faux-reunion below, it’s probably the best thing you’ll ever watch in this lifetime.

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