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Rihanna is a good girl gone bad at Coachella

April 19th, 2012

If you follow Rihanna on Instagram then you’ve probably seen her fun-looking photos at Coachella. One should have stood out though, as she posted a photo of herself at the Calvin Harris set. She’s straddling the head and shoulders of her body guard and is sorting out a white substance on his scalp. People are calling the substance weed, some might say it’s cocaine, but whatever it is, it is causing an uproar online.

Rihanna has never asked to be the heroine everyone else wants her to be. If she wants to see Chris Brown, the boyfriend who assaulted her, she will. She makes videos that get banned. Her success from the past year has made her into one of the most influential stars in the world. But she rejects the imperative to act like role model that goes along with this success.

There are millions of girls who look up to her in the same ways she looked up to Whitney. Yes, she doesn’t have to act like an example if she doesn’t want to. But she’s missing the point, which is that by being reckless and by acting like a fool in public, she’s creating the idea that it is okay to be self-destructive.

The lesson Rihanna will have to learn is that success and invincibility are two very different things. White substances might not be cocaine and being an icon doesn’t make you a role model, but acting like you’re the Only Girl(In The World) doesn’t mean the world isn’t watching you.

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