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Rise Against Fan? You really wanna read this.

April 20th, 2009


Remember that time you were being chased through that dark, creepy alley by the scary guy with the knife who just wanted to know if you wanted to play a game? Well, we’ve (still) got a better game, and we’re gonna let you in on the secret (again).

Think back to a couple weeks ago, when we kinda sorta not-so-discreetly told you about this crazy Rise Against SMS Scavenger Hunt that we’re participating in.

Just like that crazy knife guy, somewhere on the site a Rise Against logo is lurking. Okay, so we try and keep crazy guys with knives off our site. But the Rise Against logo IS there, and if you’ve been paying attention, it could help you win some wicked Rise Against stuff, or even tickets to one of their North American shows.

For more information about the contest, to find out how to play, or to see all the other details you missed while you were studying for that big math exam, check out this website, and best of luck on the hunt!

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