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Rob Ford Might Go On A Coffee Run With Deadmau5

July 29th, 2014

coffee run

Rob Ford can now call Deadmau5 a supporter of Ford Nation. The Canadian DJ/producer paid the Mayor of Toronto a little visit yesterday and now CTV is reporting that Ford will, in fact, appear on an episode of Deadmau5’s YouTube show, Coffee Run.

After their meeting, Ford even tweeted this pic of the two:

Now, we’re not saying this is a good nor bad idea for Deadmau5, but we must admit it is a departure from the kinds of guests he normally has on his show. For the most part, Deadmau5 invites musicians (though he has had other guests such as comedian Russell Peters) on Coffee Run and, well, how much does Rob Ford know about music? Guess we’ll see.

But also, for those who have never seen an episode of Coffee Run, we’ll save you some YouTube time and just tell you this: they’re long. And kinda boring. Episodes are essentially unedited clips of Deadmau5 and his guests literally sitting in a car, driving to a Tim Horton’s and then driving back. Or so we assume; we’ve never reached the end of an episode. But needless to say, conversations aren’t always the most exciting and, well, we’re both intrigued and a little scared to see how his road trip with Rob Ford will go.

If you’ve got half of hour to yourself, feel free to attempt an episode:

Or two?

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