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Robert Pattinson picks a fight with Adele and loses

June 7th, 2012

Robert Pattinson recently sat down with George Stroumboulopoulos to talk about his career post-Twilight and what is has been like adjusting to life after playing an iconic role like Edward Cullen. George Stroumboulopoulos asked Robert about his ability to connect with people on a man-to-man scale. George articulated the question asking, “The one thing I imagine that you’re dealing with is, aside from your close circle of friends, is actual humanity, actual human conversations, the connection we all crave as a person, is harder and harder for you to find, isn’t it?” Robert conceded that it would be great to have the option of just communicating with everyone, but he realized that he mostly keeps to himself, regardless of fame or celebrity-hood. Robert explained, “You have these fantasies, ‘Oh, if I wasn’t famous I’d meet all these random people on the street all the time!’ but you don’t run into people on the street, and mostly I try to avoid everybody, even when you’re not famous.”

Robert then talked about picking a fight with Adele in the most funny way ever, telling her that she could do better with her work. Pattinson recounted the story, “I had this argument with Adele which is probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever said, [I told her] ‘You know, you could really reach for it!’ and she’s like, ‘You know I’m the biggest selling female artist ever…’ And for some reason I just decided to get into an argument with her about it”. Though Robert laughs about it now, he did admit that he regrets every single word because to say that Adele could do better than Adele is a bit of a stretch.

Watch the interview below! Would you ever pick a fight with Adele? Let us know in the comments section below.

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