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Ryan Gosling’s movie got panned at Cannes, but there are plenty of reasons to still love him

May 20th, 2014


Ryan Gosling made his directorial debut at Cannes this past weekend with his upcoming film Lost River, but it’s not scoring so well with critics. The film drew lots of mixed reviews after the screening and even got booed. The UK Telegraphed called it an “absolute STINKER” with reviewer Robbie Collin even tweeting that it was “dumb-foundingly poor.” Film critic Jonathan Romney even went as far as referencing another Gosling film that got booed for at Cannes last year with this cheeky tweet: “Ryan Gosling’s directing debut: let’s see God forgive this…”


Okay, so we haven’t seen this film yet so we can’t judge, but here’s a teaser of the film that was released recently:

Yeah, we have no clue what that was about either. But fine, let’s hypothetically say it was a bad film and Gosling failed as a director (doesn’t make us want to watch this film any less, to be honest), but let’s just say that. Gosling is still a super-talented actor, though. And you know what? He’s great at doing many other things outside of acting. So what if he can’t direct?

Look at all these other things Ryan Gosling excels at!

He’s great at eating.
giphy (9)

He’s fantastic with animals.
giphy (20)

He can play a mean ukulele.
giphy (16)

He’s an incredible rower.
giphy (17)

He’s the sexiest smoker.
giphy (2)

He gives comforting hugs.
giphy (11)

He drives.
giphy (6)

He’s got moves.
giphy (14)

And abs. Oh yes, the abs.
giphy (12)

He gives good compliments.
giphy (21)

And, of course, he’s an amazing kisser. We don’t know that for a fact, but come on, look at this.
giphy (19)

Just look at him.
giphy (1)

He’s still the best. Give it up for Ryan Gosling!
giphy (18)

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