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Ryan Gosling’s Wax Figure is as Perfect as you Imagined

July 24th, 2014


Ryan Gosling is the latest celebrity to be immortalized in wax and it is perfection.

The famous wax museum Madame Tussauds revealed the figure Wednesday in their London, England location. Dressed in a navy blue suit, the wax figure looks as stylish and debonair as the real thing. Seriously, the wax figure looks almost lifelike. Congratulations Madame Tussauds, you totally captured Ryan’s sheer sexiness and boyish charm. That sly smirk definitely makes my heart melt. Now if only I can find a way to sneak wax Ryan into my bedroom.


Ryan joins the slew of other celebrities that are fortunate enough to have wax figures that actually resemble them. It must be stressful finding out you’re getting a wax figure of you made. Sometimes Madame Tussauds totally nails it, and other times the figures look like something that belongs in the depths of hell. I’m sure Madame Tussauds would have suffered a boycott if they messed Ryan’s figure. Check out these other celebrity wax figures, some of which are totally spot on, and others we wish would just melt away.

Will the real Betty White please stand up.


It looks just Bradley Cooper, it even has his eyes.


I’m seeing double.


Totally nailed Gwen Stefani’s abs.


I didn’t know Heidi Klum had an identical sister?


I don’t think Katy’s boobs are to scale.


I’m assuming the one with the iPhone is the real Jon Hamm.


This looks so lifelike you can see Seth Rogen in Miley’s knee.


Two Ryan Reynolds, have I died and gone to heaven?


They even sculpted his abs.


Justin Bieber’s figure looks less like the pop star and more like a bad ventriloquist dummy.


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