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Sam Smith releases a powerful new music video for Leave Your Lover

May 23rd, 2014

sam smith new vid

Sam Smith debuted his new video for his gorgeous ballad Leave Your Lover and, as expected, this one is a tearjerker. What wasn’t expected, though, was the twist at the end where Sam reveals the lover he’s lusting after in the video is actually another man.

While there’s been no official statement from Sam about his sexuality, we couldn’t stop ourselves from thinking which gay celebs Sam should totally…um…“duet” with.

But first, check out the video below:

Adam Lambert
Sam’s music is great, but hella depressing. Boy needs to glam it up! Who better to do that that Mr. Glambert himself, Adam Lambert. Adam will get Sam out of the house and into the club to dance the night away.

sam smith adam lambert

Ricky Martin
If glam is not Sam’s thing, maybe he needs to turn up the heat. Enter the muy caliente Ricky Martin. Ricky was super shady about his love life this week on Watch What Happens Live, but he does have two adorable bambinos, so this could the perfect instant family for Sam. Livin La Vida Loca, indeed.

sam smith ricky martin

Boy George
Let’s just get the elephant out of the room. If you scrub away the layers of makeup from Boy George’s face, he’s totally twinsies with Sam. Sure, he’s a little (okay, a LOT) older than Sam but aren’t the 80s are cool again? George could totally give Sam a retro sound. And, they can share some excellent eyebrow grooming tips. Bonus!

sam smith boy george

Neil Patrick Harris
Who doesn’t love a little NPH? He can act, he can sing, and he can crack a joke. A “duet” with Sam will yield some unexpected, but amazing, results. After all, Neil could be Sam’s ticket to writing a Broadway musical. Dare we say this paring could be legen – wait for it… – dary???

sam smith neil patrick harris

Michael Sam
They say opposites attract, so if that’s true, how about the NFL’s first openly gay player, Michael Sam? How jet-setting would they be? Michael would be travelling America with the Rams, while Sam serenades the world with his music. And at the end of it all, Michael and Sam could practice their own form of touch football.

sam smith michael sam

Bobby from The Only Way Is Essex
Bobby from trashy British reality show The Only Way Is Essex would be the perfect “duet” partner for Sam Smith. I’m not sure Bobby can sing, but they’re both from England, so that counts for something, right? At least the two can talk about all the drama on Bobby’s show, how Essex isn’t really that trashy, and how much they both hate all the cast members from Made In Chelsea.

sam smith bobby

Frank Ocean
Our minds are exploding about the sweet music these two can make together both in and out of the studio. Frank’s smooth R&B vibe and Sam’s soulful sounds seems like a match made in heaven. We’re going to just start shipping this one right now. What should their ship name be? Frith? Samean?

sam smith frank ocean

By Brian Lloyd

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