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Sarah Talks Tats

June 7th, 2010


Everyone knows it’s a really bad idea to get a tattoo with your partner.

And an even WORSE idea to get a tattoo OF them.

But I’m a lover not a fighter and *sigh* sometimes a do before you thinker. Plus if tattoos provide a metaphoric picturesque map or diary of our lives there’s bound to be some unfortunate bumps and scrapes along the way. In fact there may even be some honest, well earned, romantic scars.

I visited my friend Brody at Adrenaline Tattoos today and decided to add another scrape. Brody is really great and we traded stories about body art, loss, love and the masochistic trance-like reflection that accompanies a new tattoo – even if it is just 14 tiny dots.

The random dots are Braille and my elbow-pit now proudly proclaims ‘with grace’.

Well, at least I’m committed to the search.





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