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Sarah: To Fro Or Not To Fro

April 23rd, 2008

I know…I’m self obsessed. I can’t help it. You’ll be happy to know however, I’m working on it. Anyway I’m much more known for being overly self-deprecating than showing displays of conceit. Although while I typed that I realized it’s probably not any less annoying, but what are you gonna do? It’s embedded deep in my Virgo-ean nature.

I have long since accepted that I shall never ever (naturally) achieve long beautiful shining cascading locks of hair. My hair grows up and out not down. It’s cool I guess. I have managed to overcome boys throwing paper airplanes and gum in my hair and calling me Velcro head. Harsh.

Moving on, I have a love affair with summer and the changes in mood, attitude, and inspirations that come with it so apparently time is on my side. Namely this season for me my style (and hair) inspirations come from Diana Ross, 60s supermodel Dunlaye Luna and actress Dorothy Dandridge.

Wish me luck…and help!

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