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Lady Gaga, Kid Sister and J Cole: Sarah updates us from Lollapalooza day 1!

August 7th, 2010

Photo by Bronques (Last Night’s Party)

Highlights in short form…I may have heat stroke, dehydration and really want to make some of Stars’ performance.

What I learned so far:
– 80,000 sweaty alcoholic bodies writhing around in the grass doesn’t smell great but feels kinda good.
– Kid Sister is my homey….still very sweet, ready to drop her mixed tape and a new track with Travis Barker and Snoop. Plus she complimented my outfit saying “Mixed girls don’t have to try”
– Perez looks kinda crazy up close but in a good way and he loves and misses everybody in Canada.
– Lady Gaga has made me rethink stage diving and the power of fishnets in fashion.
– J Cole is definitely not the new Drake and seems very sweet. Also he’s not as intimidated by Jay Z as everyone thinks. He’s also really tall.

The Strokes perform last night at Lollapalooza in Chicago

– Strokes are still gorgeous although Albert is VERY tiny. Loved their opening to Queen.
– Matt and Kim love Erykah Badu almost as much as I do but definitely inspired her more (see their video vs her Window Seat)
– Jimmy Cliff was sent from the heavens.
– Fried corn and black beans tastes great with coconut water.
– Nneka is a new artist I’m obsessed with and with good reason…earth mother…check her OUT. Also she’s playing El Mocambo THIS TUESDAY! GO!

– Chromeo DID use their own eyes and lips (some of the time) for their video.
– Nathan from Wavves IS a little crazy but in a good way. We fought about the character development of ‘Duckie’ from John Hughes’ ‘Pretty in Pink’ – not sure who won.
– Lady Gaga has inspired me to yell more and perhaps start working out more intensely…perhaps….maybe.
– I’m waaaay more into The Pretenders than I give myself credit for (I’ll let you know how the Chrisse Hynde interview goes).

More later….xxox Sarah

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