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Scott does Rihanna’s 777 Tour – Part 4

November 19th, 2012

Photo courtesy of Matthew Oliver

This weekend was filled with a consistency of extreme highs and lows. The shows we continue to see are verbatim of day one’s show. The mix of media personalities on the planes are either getting on your last nerve or getting you through this grind. And the clear neglect from Rihanna makes 300 people feel like the rejected high schooler sitting at the lunch table alone, while the cool kids hang tight in first class.

The positive? We’re in Europe! The negative? We haven’t been outside a plane/bus/venue once! We knew what we signed up for and while the complaining amongst journalists/fans is more of a relating point than actual heartfelt negativity, the fact still remains that we are a part of history.

As one writer from Rolling Stone said, and I’m paraphrasing, “When you take 150 journalists on a tour with you, you are taking a massive risk.” While all press is good press, and as the #777Tour continues to trend, I wonder if Rihanna is becoming affected by the growing sighs and moans she hears from the people in the back.

With London and New York left, I believe you’ll see what RiRi is made of. There is unquestionably no doubt she is the hardest worker on this plane (and possibly her genre), however, she would make a lot of people happy if she answered ten questions from media/fans alike. And not the question “O naw naw, What’s my name?”

In Paris, her show was shorter than normal but the after-party had all the elegance you would expect from a show in the world’s most romantic city. An all-star mix of Cassie, Akon, Diddy, Pharrell and RiRi herself made themselves very seen but completely inaccessable bumping “N***as In Paris” over and over. But that’s what stars do, fair enough.

The Berlin show was a little different. If given the opportunity I would say that 75 percent of the plane would have opted out of watching the performance. It was a very long day and the reality of it is that it’s too hard for anyone to keep people entertained for five nights in a row. But her performance did stand out a little as she seemed happier than the previous night in Paris. The travel after Berlin’s show was a nightmare. Wait worse, at least with a nightmare you’re sleeping, which is a luxury we have not experienced much on this trip. You have to feel for some of the tour organizers. They have been polite, knowledgeable, funny and organized, but some of them haven’t slept once on this trip. I’m not lying, not once.

But as I stated earlier, tonight and tomorrow I expect us to catch our “second wind” and go out in glory. Naïve? Optimistic? Tonight will tell.

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