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Scott Pilgrim VS. the World: An epic of epic epicness!

August 13th, 2010

Attention: All nerds! Comic book chicks! Video gamers! Lovers of all things awesome! Synchronize your watches for this Friday the 13th! For that is the day that Scott Pilgrim VS. The World will hit theaters and begin to take over the world. And you must see it. Nerds have never been so cool. Must I explain? Fine. Read more for a review explaining why it will blow your brains out due to awesomeness, and other Scott Pilgrim rad-ness.

Let’s begin with a little bit o’ Scott Pilgrim 101!
– The movie is based on the six volume series of comics created by Toronto local and overall neat-o guy Bryan Lee O’Malley.
– The series follows the dorky yet lovable and none the less kick-ass Scott Pilgrim who falls head over heels for the oh so mysterious Ramona Flowers. It turns out that if he wants to date her, he has to fight her seven evil exes!
– The entire series takes place in Toronto and around Toronto landmarks, ie Casa Loma and Lee’s Palace. To stay true to the books director Edgar Wright chose to have the movie filmed in Toronto as well!
Edgar Wright also directed Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz, meaning he’s got the whole action thing down pat.

Now watch the trailer.

Right?! Right.

Edgar Wright has done a fantastic job at drawing the perfect line between keeping the movie true to the books, while still making it his own. Filmed in the style of a comic, sound effects appear on screen, such as “POW!” when Scott punches an ex in the face (or boob). The entire film plays as a bit of a love letter to Toronto, with little inside jokes to Toronto snuck in (watch out for Scott’s “SARS” t-shirt)!

For any fan of the comic who is scared that the movie will ruin everything, be it known that effort has been put into this folks! Actually! Just watch this comic version of the trailer! Made of actual panels from the comic!

See? No reason to be frightened at all!

Each of the characters have been perfectly cast from Torontonian Alison Pill as the nonchalant Kim Pine, to Mr. known for being a dork Michael Cera who fits the role of Scott Pilgrim to a T! Really! Dude kicks butt! I’m talking sword fights people! Mary Elizabeth Winstead does a lovely job of bringing Scott’s dream girl Ramona to life, with her big doe eyes and cool as a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce shoulder shrugs. Other notable cast members include the hilarious Aubrey Plaza as the very opinionated Julie Powers, and show stealer Kieran Culkin as Scott’s gay roommate Wallace Wells. And then there’s Jason Schwartzman as Gideon. Need I say more? Without fail, the entire cast does a great job making each comic character as real as can be!

The entire film is jam packed with little surprises and treats for nerds of all walks of life, whether it is a certain video game sound effect that catches you by surprise, or a Metric song snuck into the soundtrack. Oh and speaking of the soundtrack? We’re talking Beck, Broken Social Scene, Black Lips and more! Yeah I know. Some tasty tunes indeed.

I hate to bring things to a close, but that’s all I can say about Scott Pilgrim VS. The World without giving too much away! And I would hate to spoil anything! That being said, here are some treats to tide you over until this Friday the 13th when it comes out!

– Create your own Scott Pilgrim comic character!
– Seven different remixes! One for each evil ex! Prepare! Hey! Love! Ramona! Fight! Yeah!What?
– Real Toronto locations next to the comic drawings! Compare! Contrast!
An interactive trailer! Score points! Win sneak peaks!

Are you stoked or what?! Let us know in the comments!

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