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PLL Episode 4: Sexual Tension Be Damned!

December 23rd, 2010

Spencer gets close to Wren....

Spencer and Wren. Aria and Ezra. Emily and Maya. The “significant others” get serious as the girls find a pair of arms to keep them safe from the mysterious “A” who’s proven he or she can’t be blocked!

Catch the full episode HERE and an exclusive gallery HERE!

who is "A"?
The pretty little liars gather to remember Allison properly – finding a bench that will be donated in her memory. At the same time, Spencer launches her plan to block any messages and calls from “A” – blocking her from their lives for good. Of course, this means war (as a flyer of Allison’s missing face floats by…).

Aria chills at Mr. Fritz's....
Aria and Ezra need to sort out their relationship – are they student-teacher, boyfriend-girlfriend, just friends, or just friends who like to lock lips here and there? Ezra invites her over to his place (a sexy young teacher inviting over a single teenaged girl for dinner……yeah, I think that’s a little creepy too!) to talk, but it ends with Aria storming out. The cause: her parent’s marriage. Aria has been keeping it secret that her dad has been screwing around behind her mother’s back. But, after a tense classroom discussion where Ezra pretty much tells the class he’s jonesing for Aria, they meet again at his place, and this time, the door closes with her staying inside this time….

Spencer is already feeling guilty as her plagiarized paper has been entered in a national competition. On top of that, her family purposely ditches her for the weekend too. And who shows up? Wren – drunk as a fish (breaking a potted plant to boot) – to set her father straight on what really happened, and who he really loves. Spencer then drives Wren home, where he invites her in (hello! Sexy, drunken British guy inviting you in!). As they’re sharing moments, someone’s outside videotaping it all…

Hanna's dad returns.....
Hanna gets into more trouble after “damaging” Sean’s car (I love how everyone says she “wrecked/totaled” it and she keeps saying “damaged”). Her mother calls her divorced husband for help, and he takes Hanna out. Instead of smoothing things over, he flaunts his new family in her face, and asks her about hanging out more his Brady Bunch. Thank God Spencer declined Wren’s offer (for now…) and calls Hanna for a ride.

Toby gets close to Emily...
Emily finds the pics of her and Maya photo-booth make-out session mysterious placed in her chem book. On top of that, she’s also got a new chem partner: Toby Cavanaugh. He’s still kinda creepy, but he has a nice personality (and a little protective of Ems too, which is cute). They bond about doing what feels right, versus what other’s think. Emily still thinks she needs time to figure herself out, so she cools things off with Maya. Maya (the great girl that she is) tells she that she’ll wait for Emily because she cares about her. Sniff sniff….wipe away a tear…..

From beyond the grave....
In the end, “A” strikes with a vengeance. She writes a letter to Aria’s mom explaining her father’s two-timing ways AND that Aria knew and didn’t tell her! DAMN! As Hanna waits for Spencer to get into the car, a song on the radio is decided to Hanna, from “A”. CREEPY! It’s also a safe bet “A” has the pictures of Maya and Emily. Spencer’s house is broken into, and the potted plant that Wren broke? Cleaned up to look like a grave. SCARY! Plus, on Spencer’s mirror, in Allison’s trademark lipstick, are the words “IT WON’T BE THAT EASY”. Guess “A” showed them who can’t be blocked!

Got a secret, can you keep it? Swear this one you’ll save. Better lock it, in your pocket, taking this one to the grave. If I show you then I know you won’t tell what I said. Cause two can keep a secret, if one of them is dead…Don’t Miss A Single Secret From Pretty Little Liars!

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