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Silverchair – Concert Review

August 2nd, 2007

Silverchair perform in Sydney, Australia – May 2007

Thanks to the great people that I work with, I got to go to the Silverchair show at The Phoenix last night and did it ever rock! When I first heard it was sold out I didn’t believe it. But when I stepped foot into the venue I was amazed at how rammed it was! The crowd was jam packed straight to the back where the merchandise stands were. The show was an all ages show; however the crowd didn’t look that young. From my eyes it looked as if all of the kids who listened to Frogstomp and Freakshow of the 90s grew up and came to watch this show.

When the band came on the stage the crowd started cheering but when the shirtless Daniel Johns came from behind the curtain the noise level just soared. I think you can figure out why.

Although the venues have gotten smaller over the years, Daniel Johns’ on stage self-indulgence hasn’t. He was all about rocking out. Playing riffs with his mouth, playing while lying on the floor, playing on his back on a keyboard! They played a lot of stuff from Young Modern, including their single Straight Lines and other hits like If You Keep Losing Sleep and Insomnia. And the crowd were into it as well considering their new stuff is different than what Silverchair played in the 90s. Silverchair didn’t forget about their classics either. They played Ana’s Song and Emotion Sickness with help from the crowd especially during Emotion Sickness. There is a part where the lyrics go ‘Get up Get up Get up Get up’ and as the crowd was singing that Daniel Johns was on the floor playing while getting up. They couldn’t have forgotten to play other classics like The Door and of course Freak. Prior to Silverchair starting their encore, Daniel Johns sang happy birthday to Ben. This is funny because it wasn’t really his birthday!

All in all a wicked show, my only complaint would be the sweltering heat. If you think it’s hot today, you should have been inside the Phoenix last night. Everyone – and I mean everyone – came out of there 10 lbs. lighter and drenched in their own sweat! Here’s the setlist, which is similar to what they played on the rest of their tour.

Young Modern Station
The Man That Knew Too Much
Reflections of a Sound
Emotion Sickness
Greatest View
Ana’s Song
Straight Lines
The Door
Mind Reader
The Lever

If You Keep Losing Sleep

Photograph courtesy Getty Images

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