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Sleep Is Overrated, Stay Up To Watch @Midnight

September 2nd, 2014

Watch At Midnight Tonight

If you like funny people talking about funny stuff, then Much’s new series @Midnight is for you. The hilarious game show is hosted by comedian and Nerdist founder Chris Harwick and features three different comedians each night, battling it out for points in hopes of winning the internet. That’s right. The internet. Take your free trip around the world somewhere else, Wheel of Fortune.

We know that watching @Midnight requires you to stay up until, well, midnight, or at least PVR it. Either way, here are reasons why you don’t want to miss @Midnight. Ever.

Starting tonight, watch episodes of @Midnight at 12E/9P on Much every Monday to Thursday.

Meet New Comedians

@Midnight features comedic veterans like Weird Al and Will Ferrell, but it’s also a great way to meet up and coming comedians. We’ve found some of our favourite new comedians this way, like Ron Funches and Emily Heller.


We’re Serious About Winning The Internet

This is what it looks like.


Points Are Given Arbitrarily

Take that, rule books.


You Can Play Along

Viewers can get involved in every episode with Hashtag Wars. Host Chris Hardwick picks a Hashtag topic inspired by the day’s events and you can tweet along at home. Example: #ComicConBands. Hilarious Answers: Nerdvana, Klingons of Leon, Buffy The Vampire Weekend, Dr The Who, etc.


See Your Favourite Casts Together

Like the cast of Silicon Valley.


See Your Favourite Casts Reunite

Like the cast of The State.


Feel Smart About Spending Your Day Looking At Weird Stuff Online

Because on @Midnight, knowing about that weird stuff is how you win.


Special Guest Appearances

In the same vein as Jeopardy, some of the questions are read by celebs, like Jon Snow Kit Harrington. Turns out he does know something, and it’s what kind of woman he’s looking for. Over here, Jon Kit!


It’s Kinda Educational

You’ll learn things about the news and the world and stuff. Good for making conversation at work and parties and stuff.


It Goes There

It totally does.


Chris Hardwick Is The Best

The dude has made being a nerd cool and funny. All hail the Nerdist.

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