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Smells In The Van By These Kids Wear Crowns

June 28th, 2010

These Kids Wear Plaid

Matt was taking a pee and Justin Bieber entered, with his entourage of heavy set bodyguard type dudes and used the urinal beside him. No word of a lie. This is a true MMVA story!

Rewind! These Kids + Red Carpet + THOUSANDS of Screaming People = The MMVA Red Carpet w/ TKWC!

We were oh so lucky to be invited to walk where the celebrities walk as we finished up filming our finale episode for MuchMusic’s disBAND! We are excited for how the show ends and think everyone out there who watches it will love it as much as we loved making it. It has been such a marvelous experience for all of us that I have to use a word like marvelous to explain it. It’s simply marvelous.

The van on the ride home stunk. I’m not saying I was disgusted. Half of it might have been coming from me alone. But when you got out for a little bit, say for a toss of the old football in an empty parking lot, when you got back in … you noticed the funk. We also shot Sid “The Grizz” with two confetti cameras. It’s on tape. Wait for that soon :) We call him The Grizz cause he’s like a grizzly bear. Love you Sid! We had to detour on the way home too which made our trip extra long because some river overflowed and took out the highway. Man. Water is some tough mother!

We met a lot of cool and fun people on this trip which always makes it hard to leave Toronto. It’s so far away but the best times of our lives have been had there. Sad really. Wish it didn’t always have to be this way. Insert tear here.

Our disBAND producer Dee Hambly has been fantastic to us and has helped us beyond any reasonable explanation. We owe most of everything to her. To Katie Clark from Underground Operations who helped us by getting us our kick at the can. You are sexy and we all love you. To Jason Ford, Elvis Prusic, and the entire MuchMusic team! We love you guys so very berry much! To Jason Furman, our booking agent and homie, and his gang at Feldman. You dudes rock. To Adam Shanfield of The Field and everyone in that crew, we loved working with you guys and can’t wait to do it again in the future. Jake from The Artist Life, and all the rest of you boys, Ian and Dean, always a pleasure seeing you! And to everyone else, nice to meet you all! Wish we could have partied forever!

And to everyone who came out on our Not Really a ‘Tour’ Tour! Thanks so much! We had a blast! Can’t wait for everyone to see what happens! I’m excited too :)

Alex and These Kids

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