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Sneak peek of Foster The People’s performance tonight!

November 30th, 2011

We chose four winners who competed for the chance to fly to Toronto and blog about Rogers Presents: Live At Much W/ Foster The People. This afternoon the bloggers got an early look at Foster The People during the band’s soundcheck. Find out what went down after the jump!

Don’t miss Rogers Presents: Live At Much W/ Foster The People at 7pm ET today!

Jessica – Tumblr

Well, today has just been a mix of all of my favourite things! In the middle of a slightly large shopping trip, I received a call. The Foster the People sound check had been moved, and was in a half hour. Me, being a major perfectionist, paranoid about looking my best at all times, had a mini heart attack. I ran outside into the snow, which I had hoped to escape when leaving Ottawa for Toronto, successfully hailed a cab (winning!) and made my way to MuchMusic. Walked in, signed in, all the boring stuff, and then the unthinkable happened. The most amazing, spectacular, fantastic thing. Dallas Green walked through the front doors. I nearly jumped out of my chair! All I could think was, “remain calm, remain calm, please remain calm”. He walked on by and the knots in my stomach and the excitement settled down. We then moved into the sound check, and as a Foster the People fan I was super eager to hear them live. They began to play Helena Beat, my personal favourite. It was absolutely spectacular! I was in complete shock throughout the entire thing! All I could think was, is this for real? Am I actually standing here, watching this? They began to run through the song a second time, and not even a minute in Mark Foster (singer for the band), began to dance and jump, getting extremely into his performance, and then…he fell, in slow motion. Tripping over equipment, nearly on top of the bass player, and fell back into the amps, head first, his black and white converse up in the air. He said “I want to make sure the camera guys are ready, I’m just rehearsing, cause that’s what I’m going to do later on in the show.” I could not stop laughing! That was my favourite moment in the sound check. They then went on to play the other songs from the set list. I was amazed at the versatility of all the band members. They moved from instrument to instrument every song, and Mark Foster played piano, guitar, and his own single drum. I left the sound check extremely excited to see the show tonight with a full crowd. I still can’t believe I was there this afternoon, and love Foster the People even more than I did before I saw them perform live (if that’s even possible).

Kendra –

I just left the Foster the People soundcheck in preparation for tonight’s show at MuchMusic in Toronto (7ET/4PT), and I am a little starstruck and a lot happy.The soundcheck started off with Helena Beat, which just happens to be one of my favorite Foster the People songs (thanks guys, how did you know?). Since this is my first time seeing them live, I was blown away how crisp and polished they sound in person. I patiently waited for my favourite part of the song (Mark’s wahoos near the end), and that’s when my heart slightly melted.

They all looked like they were genuinely having fun and even though it was a soundcheck with about 20 people in the room, each one of them was energetic, dancing, and extremely entertaining to watch. The guys were incredibly focused throughout and in synch with each other the entire show. I left the soundcheck counting down the hours until I get to see them again, when they perform live for Much. Until then, I’ll be practicing my wahooing, dancing, and toe tapping.

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