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Spoilers for the New Season of Gossip Girl!

September 23rd, 2011

You’ve gotten your spotlights, your recaps, and your sneak peek gallery. Now it’s time to bring on the spoilers! What can we expect next Monday, September 26th @ 8PM ET on MuchMusic when Gossip Girl premieres it’s fifth season? New faces, new scandals and someone’s coming out of the closet!

Click for more on what Gossip Girl will be posting on his/her site this coming Monday!

First up, the few faces:

Elizabeth Hurley (Austin Powers, Bedazzled) joins the cast in a multi-episode arc as Diana Payne, a major media mogul who destroys a bedroom the fun way with Nate Archibald. So, Nate’s cougar fetish is making a return too!

We’ve got Roxane Mesquida, a French actress and model, playing Louis’ sister who’ll be battling Blair Waldorf as her nemesis as the plan the wedding of the century on the Upper East Side.

Canadian actor Mark Menard (Lost) joins the cast for a potentially recurring role as Father Cavalia, a handsome priest from Monaco, who will officiate over Blair and Louis’ wedding. But apparently he also gets down and dirty with a bridesmaid too! I wonder if it’s Serena…

Brian J. Smith (Stargate Universe) is cast as Luke, a love interest for Serena during her stay in L.A. BUT remember how we all thought Prince Louis was just a random love interest AND THEN he came back to marry Blair? Who know’s if we’ll be seeing Luke later on in the series…

Ethan Peck (the awesome Oscar winner Gregory Peck’s grandson!) was last scene getting help from Serena in L.A. in the season four finale…but he’ll be back in a recurring role in season five.

Out with the Old:

Jessica Szohr and Taylor Momsen, formally known as Vanessa Abrams and Jenny Humphrey, have officially been dropped as series regulars (even though we barely saw Momsen in season four, her name was in the credits for every episode last year). The two have been invited back as guest stars to tie up their storylines (Szohr’s character publishing Dan’s book will be a major plot point this year!) but Momsen has declined the offer, saying she’s done with the show for good.

Connor Paolo AKA Eric van der Woodsen is also off the show. In his own words, the character of Serena’s little brother has left for college and won’t be coming back for Christmas. Paolo now stars on new the new fall drama Revenge.

We know cousin Charlie (or should I say Ivy) AKA Kaylee DeFer as officially joined the main cast as Charlie Rhodes for the new season. Only time will tell when her scandal comes out. But we’re betting Georgina Sparks has something to do with it. Georgina is the only one who knows Charlie is up to something…and we all know Michelle Tractenberg usually shows up to cause trouble. No official word on her appearances, but wouldn’t you want to bet it won’t be long before we see her walking down the sidewalks of the Upper East Side with Charlie.

Other juicy items!

Gossip Girl is gearing up for their extra-special 100th episode (set to air around January 2012) and since it’s going to be chalk full of order to carry out all the fallout for the rest of the season, the show has increased its episode count to 24 episodes (instead of the usual 22). That means two more episodes of sex, lies and alibis! Plus, we’re thinking the 100th episode will most likely be the wedding episode between Blair and Prince Louis.

And finally, one of these characters – Serena, Blair, Chuck, Nate, Dan – will be coming out of the closet. So far the rumour mill is churning out the character will first be revealed as gay in Dan’s book “Inside” (published behind his back by Vanessa in last season’s finale). Whether or not the actual character will come out to the public as well remains to be seen. But here’s hoping Nate finally comes out of the closet and gets a real storyline for a change!

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