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Spotlight On…Competitions!

September 8th, 2010

“Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride / Nobody’s gonna slow me down / Oh no, I’ve got to keep on moving” – Men At Work

Blood, sweat and tears – that’s the stuff we’re made of. And for the heroines of fall TV, they’re pretty much seasoned veterans in the world of competitions. Whether its gymnastics, cheerleading, beauty queens or prom queens our gals have done it all. But was it all worth it? You tell me…

Round One: Cheerleader Versus Gymnast – Who Do You Think Plays The Game Better?

Make It Or Break It: Payson Keeler

Our girl Payson Keeler paid way too much to make it through the competition with her integrity. Having spent all of season one busting her butt off to prove herself to her teammates and win them over she was also out to prove it to herself she could push herself to be a champion. And then came competition day. Suffering from some major back problems she was offered the choice to a medical aid to help offset her pains and help her win. And she was so close to doing it to. But in the end she decided to ditch the meds and win it on her own – at least it would be an honest win if she did place in the top three. Instead her back problems beat her and she fell on the last jump injuring her back to the point she was rushed to the hospital. She was told she would not be able to practice gymnastics again.

My Take: I’m all for earning honest wins but if a doctor had given me the okay to use some medicinal help so I wouldn’t cripple myself, I would have used it.

Don’t miss the start of the new season of Make It Or Break It Wednesday September 15 @ 8PM ET.

Hellcats: Savannah Monroe
The Hellcats used to be good (key words “used to”). Now they need every bendy body they can throw in the air to keep their squad together, win a national championship, and keep their coach’s job secure. The real question here for team captain Savannah Monroe is teamwork. The new girl Marti is not your typical cheerleader. She doesn’t want it – she wants to study law. But since she got screwed over financially she’s decided she’s going to invade the inner cheer circle and do her thing. Should Savannah let her in even though Marti doesn’t even want to be a cheerleader and looks down her nose at them? And what happens when Marti starts flirting with another cheerleaders’ boyfriend? Does talent still get you in or does loyalty count for something?

My Take: Talent is talent. If you can’t hold on your man or keep your personal issues out of it, then you shouldn’t be the leader of a team. If someone’s good at what they do, it’s up to the leader to scoop them up.

Don’t miss the start of the series premiere of Hellcats this Friday @ 8PM ET.

Round Two: Beauty Queen Versus Prom Queen – Who’s The Better Winner?

The Vampire Diaries: Caroline Forbes

Caroline Forbes is the blonde-haired cheery-personality it girl of Mystic Falls. Sure her mother’s the town sheriff, and sure, her father up and left their family. Sure she’s had her memory and flesh played with more times than we care to count by vampire Damon. Sure she’s trying to prove a rich girl can date a small town boy, Matt (even though she can’t seem to break the bond between Matt and his other ex Elena). Sure she’s not good enough for Matt’s mother and sure she’s the one that finds Matt’s dead sister in the woods. But does she deserve to win Miss Mystic Falls 2010? HELL YES! This girl has been through the ringer all because she is friends with Elena Gilbert. All she wanted was a happy life and a happy boyfriend and to be Miss Mystic Falls. So when Founder’s Day festivities roll into gear and Elena’s rumoured as a shoe-in for Miss Mystic Falls Caroline enters anyways. And she plays by the books. She doesn’t bad talk Elena, she handles herself gracefully and she plays the game fairly. And you know what happens? She WINS!

My Take: Honesty and integrity pay-off. So what if you are having doubts – just do the best you can and do it fairly – you’ll be happily rewarded.

Don’t miss the start of the new season of The Vampire Diaries this Friday @ 9PM ET.

Gossip Girl: Blair Waldorf
Self-absorbed Blair Waldorf is the most feared queen of Constance. She unites the graduating class dividing them by their wardrobe, income and status. But the one thing she’s always dreamed off is her prom: the dress she would wear, the night she would have and winning prom queen right before going off to college. But current flame Nate has no idea how make these dreams come true. His girlfriend may be a queen but she’s also hated. By everyone. But former lover Chuck knows how to make her dreams come true. After discovering a ploy to rig the election in favour of another queen, he stuffs the ballot box himself so that Blair will win instead. She does and it’s one of the happiest moments of her life.

My Take: Cheating is cheating….but Chuck wasn’t the first person to play with the ballot box that night. And he was doing this for the girl he loves even though he wasn’t her date. And you know what they say – all’s fair in love and war. I would have done the same thing.

Don’t miss the start of the new season of Gossip Girl Monday September 13 @ 8PM ET.

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