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Spotlight On…Pretty Little Spencer!

January 2nd, 2011

She’s competitive, she’s a perfectionist….and she’s not someone you want close to your boyfriend or fiancé.

Spencer Hastings is the perfect little rich girl. Memberships to all the right clubs, all the luxuries money can by, the best grades, trophies from floor to ceiling and opportunities coming out of the woodwork. So what could be eating her up from the inside?

Spencer has always wanted the one thing she could never have – her sister Melissa’s boyfriends. But she’s proven she can steal a few kisses and then some right under Melissa’s nose. So when dear sister brings home fiancé Wren, Spencer is conveniently suffering from a stiff neck that Wren’s eager hands are just oozing to massage.

But all bad girls get what’s coming to them. When Melissa finds them kissing in her bedroom, it’s out the door for Wren. But he’s not out of the picture yet. When Spencer needs someone to talk to about the way she is and why she keeps doing this to her family, she turns to Wren for a shoulder to cry on.

With all the pressure of being an adulterer on her shoulders, poor Spencer can’t concentrate on writing her paper; so she steals Melissa’s. Too bad it was one hell of a paper because now Spencer is getting national recognition. Yes, that would translate as the guilt piling on even more.

Melissa needs to get her revenge too and sabotages Spencer’s relationship with a kitchen boy, Alex, at their country club. Not that it would have mattered – her father needed a scapegoat for a business deal gone sour and blamed Alex; he’s now out of a job.

But Alex and Spencer reach a happy medium when he realizes she’s not the stuck up snob everybody makes her out to be. She arranges for him to get his job back, come to her school dance as her date and finds out he helped her mom deal with a sickness she was keeping from the Hastings family.

Too bad “A” causes so many problems for people in love. Before she disappeared, Alison blamed the Toby explosion on Spencer incase it ever got out that Toby was innocent. Why Spencer? Apparently she was the only one Alison was ever afraid of since Spencer always stood up for her. I think there’s more going on here than meets the eye, but only “A” knows the truth. And I think it involves a love triangle between on of Melissa’s exes and Spencer and Alison.

We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out. As they say, what goes around comes around and Spencer may finally lose the one relationship she didn’t steal from her sister.

Don’t miss the premiere of Pretty Little Liars Monday @ 8PM ET exclusively on MuchMusic!

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