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Susan Boyle Album Drops This Tuesday

November 20th, 2009


What ever happened to William Hung? After butchering Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs” in the American Idol auditions, Hung became the most viral overnight celebrity in history. Okay, that’s not a fact, but it seemed like it at the time. So was anyone really surprised when Britain’s Got Talent answered back with Susan Boyle?

Earlier this year, 47-year old contestant Boyle stunned all those who sneered at her appearance during the audition. Her performance of “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables left everyone watching in a state of shock.

Now, months later, the Scottish singer is finally releasing her first album, I Dreamed A Dream, hitting stores in North America this Tuesday, November 24. Unfortunately, the album has no original songs.
Her covers will include The Rolling Stones’ “Wild Horses”, “Memory” from the musical Cats, “Cry Me a River”, which has 100 million hits on Youtube and of course, “Amazing Grace”.

But I have to wonder, while she does have a great singing voice, is she really that special? The performance was surely not a reason to start crying (I’m lookin’ at you, Amanda Holden). In my opinion, her superstardom and global attention is solely based on the juxtaposition between her looks and her voice. Ever since April she has had prolonged media interest, but is it for the right reasons? Is she really capable of having a sustained music career? Last I heard, she’s already had a breakdown due to her newfound fame. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a Susan Boyle hater. I am concerned for her; she seems like a very kind old lady. Honestly, it would be too sad if she thought everyone adored her when really they were just having a laugh at her expense.

Surprisingly, for three months, I Dreamed A Dream has been Amazon’s best-selling album in HISTORY, and that’s just in pre-sales! My mind is exploding with questions! Do you think it will hit the Billboard Top 40? Are you planning on buying it? Will it only be moms that will buy it for serious listening purposes? Do you think she is likely to become the next William Hung? Are Boyle’s 15 minutes over?

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