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T-RexXx Reviews Odd Future’s Toronto Show

May 17th, 2011

Photo by Jason Richards

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, one of the most buzzed-about hip-hop groups in recent history, performed at the Phoenix in Toronto on Sunday night. It was quite a show. A lot of people from MuchMusic were in attendance, including none other than RapCity’s host T-RexXx. We asked him a few questions about the experience. Here’s his take:

What did you think of Odd Future’s show?
They were very ENTERTAINING. The energy in that building accompanied by sweaty kids chanting and moshing was something I’ve never seen before.

What was your favourite part of the show?
Honestly, watching Hodgy Beats spit a cappella was amazing. He gained a new fan, he can rap his ass off.

What’s the story with Tyler, The Creator’s hat and shoes going missing?
Well, he decided to climb the stage speakers up into the 2nd floor sound booth where he jumped into the crowd from about 30 feet high. While surfing, a “dude in a burgundy shirt” snatched his hat and RapCity Supervising Producer Kristine Luciw grabbed his shoes. At the end of the show, Tyler addressed the crowd, saying, and I quote: “I’ll pay you to give my shoes back, those are the only ones I brought on the trip.” LOL

As a collective, how would you describe Odd Future’s style?

Are they the next Wu-Tang Clan?
No, but they’ll be great. Possibly!

What would you give the show out of 10?
The show was a 9, not a 10 because it was too sweaty, stinky, and drug infused for me. #oW

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