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Posts Tagged ‘MMVA 2011’

Think you saw Lady Gaga at the MMVAs? Think again!

June 28th, 2011

So, you think you saw Lady Gaga perform at the MMVAs? Pretty sure you watched her scale a fire escape in 10 inch heels? Reckon you peeped some teal south during Born This Way? Maybe you did. But you definitely didn’t see it like this!

We got all up in Gaga’s b’nizz to capture her performances front and centre just for you! Okay, we wanted to see Mother Monster super duper close, too, but it was mostly for you! Check out the performances after the jump!

Lady Gaga performs Born This Way at the MMVAs.

Lady Gaga performs The Edge of Glory at the MMVAs.

Slideshow: Watch Damian’s MMVA experience

Slideshow: Watch Damian’s MMVA experience

June 24th, 2011

This past weekend the 2011 MMVAs took place in Toronto. Bright lights, explosions, thousands of fans, celebrities and most of all music. It was a party. The Wedge host Damian Abraham was one of the “celebrities”, but spent the night wandering around backstage, rubbing elbows with famous people and trying to get as many photo […]

Lady Gaga reveals the album covers for Born This Way

Lady Gaga reveals the album covers for Born This Way

April 19th, 2011

Lady Gaga has unveiled the album covers for Born This Way and Born This Way Deluxe Album in anticipation of the upcoming release of the singer’s third album, due out later this year. Half motorcycle, half Mother Monster, Gaga becomes one with the machine in the cover for Born This Way. I still find it […]

Listen to Lady Gaga’s Judas here!

April 15th, 2011

For weeks we’ve been hearing rumours surrounding the upcoming music video for Judas, the second track off Gaga’s Born This Way album. Amidst the spoilers given to fans by Lady Gaga’s Creative Director Laurieanne Gibson, we have yet to actually hear the track.

Until now! Click on the jump to hear the ammmmmazing Judas by 2011 MMVA performer Lady Gaga!

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Lady Gaga in trouble with Catholic Church?

Lady Gaga in trouble with Catholic Church?

April 11th, 2011

Lady Gaga’s upcoming single and music video for Judas, off her to be released album Born This Way, has landed the singer in trouble with the Catholic Church. How in the world is a song titled Judas getting Gaga in hot water with the Church??? Shocker. Gaga is going big as always and will be […]

Lady Gaga is the first performer announced for the 2011 MMVAs!

April 7th, 2011

That’s right little monsters! We needed a full two years to recover from Lady Gaga’s first electrifying performance at the MMVAs. You know, a flaming bra, exploding stage, moving subway car, arrests, studs and lots and lots of amazing dancing. An out-of-this-world performance for most artists, but for Gaga, just another day in the life of being one of the greatest entertainers of all time!

That’s why we are BEYOND excited to announce that Mother Monster is making her triumphant return to the MMVAs! Lady Gaga is going to be performing at the 2011 MMVAs when they go down live at MuchMusic headquarters in the heart of Toronto on Sunday, June 19!!!

Costume changes! Dancing! Explosions! Outfits you can eat! It’s impossible to know what to expect from our beloved Gaga, but we know one thing– expect omgamazeballsholymolly-ness!

Check out photo galleries and music videos from the one and only Gaga and prepare yourself for June 19 – Gaga is a’comin!
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