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Taylor Swift Brings Nerdy Natalie To EW!

August 14th, 2014

ew taylor

Earlier this week, Taylor Swift posted a shocking video on her YouTube channel — a geeked out character named Natalie announced that she was going to show up on Jimmy Fallon’s fake teen show, EW! And Taylor/Natalie delivered on this promise last night.

Swift, wearing a headful of scrunchies, big glasses and a necklace spelling Natalie out in Scrabble letters, made her grand appearance on the popular show, EW!, and gossiped about making popsicle stick castles alone, being banned from watching TV after the Miley twerking incident and pegacorns (pegasus/unicorn hybrid, duh). It’s as glorious as it sounds. Plus, Jimmy and Taylor danced to Selena Gomez! Watch the entire clip below.

That wasn’t all, though. Jimmy later pressed Taylor for some information, getting her to finally confirm her upcoming performance at the MTV Video Music Awards but failing to get an info on that mysterious live stream on Yahoo. “I mean, in general, you can stream anything these days,” Taylor says, super vaguely. COME ON, TAYLOR. Not even Jimmy screaming at her worked, but hey, he tried!

Check out the interview below and tune in to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon weekdays at 3E/12P on Much!

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