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Taylor Swift’s ‘Mine’ is less princes, more babies

August 30th, 2010

Artist: Taylor Swift
Director: Roman White
Song: Mine
Album: Speak Now

Taylor Swift’s latest video may still be chalk full of lovely-dovey visuals, storybook endings, flowing dresses and those signature curls, but Mine is a welcome change for the young singer. Sure, Swift still gets the guy in the end and the close ups of her perfectly made-up model face are still there. But this time there is some realism not just to Swifts video, but also to her lyrics.

Rather than the over-the-top fairytale fantasies we saw in Love Story or the ‘how is she not arrested for this’ trashing of the ex-boyfriend’s house in Picture to Burn, Mine is ironically a mature look that is a return to Swift’s earlier work in Tears on My Guitar.

Sometimes you don’t get the guy and if you do, it’s not always easy. Swift has graduated out of the teenage daydream space of her childhood bedroom into a woman that has a husband and children.

The differences detected between Swift’s past work and her first single off her third studio album are small, but telling. Rather than prince charming and dancing on her parent’s porch, Swift sings of moving in with her boyfriend and working through fights that would end the often-fickle teenage relationships she has made millions singing about.

Weddings, babies and adult relationships in the music video for Mine have replaced school hallways, marching bands and crushes on the boy next door. Swift will likely never stray far from her tried and true subject matter of love and boys into political and social issues, but at least her sound and look is maturing to show a more realistic side of relationships. And of course, a little romance never hurts.

Watch Taylor Swift’s video for Mine here.

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