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Tecktonik: A Bizarre Euro Phenomenon

February 27th, 2008

Soja and I were discussing the other day (well, every day) how in Europe (and especially in Eastern European countries) the countdown charts are TEEMING with techno and dance tracks that would be absolutely pulverized in North America – if they ever saw any promotion in the first place.

Anyhoodle, I was just re-reading my Nada Surf interview wherein singer Matthew Caws talked about a bizarre phenomenon in Europe (of course) called “tecktonik” or tck. It’s not on and not really in Google, but it’s ALL over YouTube. UPDATE: It’s on Wikipedia.

Techtonic appears to be primarily a French thing – people make home videos of themselves dancing to techno in a wild and jive-y way. Everybody loves watching people dance (SYTYCD, Dance Crew, etc.), so why not showcase your freestyle dance moves online? And there’s a whole subculture of “tecktonik” dancers, among them: Boobiz, Vavan, Treaxy, Vavan and Fredo (these last three are featured in the first video below).

Here’s my favourite one – I gotta say, with the combination of Yelle‘s A Cause Des Garcons and the killer sneaks, I kinda like it! There are hundreds more where this one came from. Just do a search for the tag “tck”, which is apparently the correct term.

And this one’s got 7 million views…ay-yoy.

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