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Teen Wolf Ep. 3: Ice Pick

June 12th, 2012

Did you watch last night’s episode of Teen Wolf? If not, catch it here. And if you haven’t, this recap will get you caught up in all things that go bump in the night in Beacon Hills.

This week’s episode, Ice Pick, takes the idea of war a step further for the gang and we will have a reptilian monster on the loose, and I’m not talking about Mrs. Argent either. Let’s get into the episode, shall we?

Yep, nothing creepy over here. Just fillin’ up some gas. At a creepy gas station. Late at night. No bigs. Oh the lights just got cut?

Yep, this would be a great moment in which to lose your keys. Can’t you use your phone Allison as a flashlight? … Guess not as you just got captured by a a dark figure in the night. Just great, eh?

So what do you do when you get captured at a creepy gas station, you wake up and see your dad tied up, and you don’t have your trusty bow and arrow to save you? You look helpless.

Ahh, never mind! Allison got Punk’d. Punk’d by her own dad. Actually, this was a lesson: (1) never get caught shooting one of your father’s henchmen with an arrow that basically says “Allison” on it and (2) Allison’s mom is cray. Well, not exactly, more by her father’s values, the women make the final decisions. So last week when Allison needed to save Isaac from getting wolfsbane’d up in his dome (also known as getting killed), that was because of Mrs. Argent. I knew I couldn’t trust her crazy eyes!

So after two and a half hours of her first “lesson”, Allison was able to cut her way through some ropes and peace out of the creepy abandoned house. Right before Henchmen #4 got sliced by that thing from the last episode. Yikes. That tail is sincerely nothing to sneeze at. Well, I wouldn’t want to sneeze at that thing in the first place. What a weird saying.

Fast forward to gym class. Poor Erica can’t seem to climb up fast enough before she’s commanded by Coach to get down (she’s epileptic, you see).

After class Stiles tries to convince Scott to wing man it up so Stiles and Lydia can get it going on like Scott and Allison. Poor Stiles, he doesn’t have the teen wolf clout to woo him a Lydia. As I’ve mentioned, Lydia would be lucky to have a guy like Stiles. What can I say? I’m #TEAMSTILES.

Post-epileptic episode, Erica finds herself in the hospital. With Derek. Yikes.

With an offer Erica can’t refuse, Derek lures him onto #TEAMDEREK. You got it, she’s gonna be a wolfie.

And now back to other teen news: biology. In class Jackson realizes that he didn’t turn into a werewolf because he somehow was immune to the virus. But how!? He assumes that Lydia is the reason why he’s not able to change. But, how could that be? Both Lydia and Jackson did not become a “thing” after getting bitten… what does this all mean? All very much dark side double rainbow business.

And obviously Jackson does his best jerk-Hulk impression. Which leaves Lydia in a state of tears (who wouldn’t be crying after being needlessly yelled at by a cro-magnon?).

Stiles gets the keys off fellow misfit, Boyd. Keys to what, you ask?

Hold up a moment! Legs coming at us. But whose legs are those anyways?

They are Erica’s! And Lydia looks pissed.

Dr. Deaton AKA Scott’s boss AKA the fearless vet talks to Scott. Or, rather, distracts Scott from asking too many questions. Somehow, I really like this guy. Everyone needs a spirit guide, right? I say that this is Scott’s. If you’re a Buffy fan like me, then one might call Dr. Deaton a Watcher.

Just like a father to try to warn against secret date night.

Turns out the keys from Boyd are for the local ice rink. What a sweet date idea, Stiles! And keep on picking away at Lydia’s exterior, she might come around soon enough.

Unfortunately being a Teen Wolf (or an awkward teen?) means that you’re not that coordinated on ice. Poor pup!

Awww… I like these two. Too cute.

And here lays Peter Hale… or at least what Lydia envisions. Yikes. She’s majorly freaking out.

The next day Erica tries to get Scott to get onto the other side. She likes this new found power because now, she doesn’t have to feel like an unwanted freak. Unfortunately one of the biggest lessons in high school that they don’t teach is that everyone feels like an unwanted freak. But now she might pay a high price (umm, her life?) to feel ten seconds of wolf-glory.

At the Argent household, Mrs. Argent finds Scott’s love note to her. Which makes her take a knife to her forearm. Yep, wanted to puke. Again. But I watch this because … well I have to write this for you guys and because I love this show. #TeamTeenWolf

Mrs. Argent and Mrs. McCall chat while Scott’s mom sews up the arm (shudder). Mrs. Argent’s suspicions are confirmed: the kids are still seeing each other.

Scott and Allison in the cafeteria talking about war like they are two double agent spies. They talk about keeping each other safe and alive. They’re in high school. Just getting through a bad breakout is hard enough.

Scott and Stiles realize they need to figure out who the next one to be converted is Boyd and that they must save him from himself.

Meanwhile Jackson tries to figure out why he didn’t change and Mr. Argent was there to make sure that Jackson re-thinks his plan.

Uh-oh. Dr. Deaton then was paid a visit by Mr. Argent. The Fearless Vet is now the proud owner of a lizard slash victim. you know, the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced I would lose a staring contest with Dr. Deaton.

At the ice rink, Boyd is visited by Scott who tries to convince him to not convert and join Derek’s army.

Unfortunately, #TeamDerek is here to back up Boyd.

Good news? Our favourite teen wolf layed the smackdown on Erica and Isaac.

Bad news? He’s not the Alpha.

Boyd then shows Scott his scar which can only mean that he’s #TeamDerek.

Jackson, still raging against his “immunity” blows off steam by throwing around some lacrosse balls…

… And then discovers he has super powers. What is going on in Beacon Hills?!

Okay, so we leave on this cliff hanger. However, next week we’ll be privy to some more Teen Wolf action. you know where to keep it locked! Watch Teen Wolf on MuchMusic on Mondays, 9pm ET/ 6pm PT or watch it online on

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